Dutch Grand Prix is going in full swing at Zandvoort track. And the drama between the F1 outfits is also running at full pace. On Saturday, Max Verstappen clinched his fourth pole of the season to start at the top of the grid. He will be followed by both Ferrari drivers, while Lewis Hamilton secured the fourth position. However, Hamilton has recently been warned of one thing he might not have thought of in the coming years. But what is that? Keep reading to find out.

Hamilton Claims Max Verstappen Can Break His F1 Records

Last year, things took a drastic turn for Mercedes and their ace driver Lewis Hamilton. Almost the entire season, there was a fierce rivalry between Verstappen and Hamilton. And fans witnessed a similar thing at the final race. However, because of Race Director Michael Masi’s faulty decision, Max Verstappen was named the winner of the 2021 championship. This was the Red Bull driver’s maiden championship win. However, it was also Hamilton’s chance to create a world record in the racing fraternity. The Silver Arrows driver was about to win his eighth championship title, which would’ve surpassed Michael Schumacher’s record of the most championship titles.

Since then, Mercedes has been running on a downplay as they are yet to win their first race of the 2022 championship. And amid Verstappen settling on leads in every race, Lewis Hamilton has claimed something big regarding the Red Bul driver. The seven-time world champion was warned that Max Verstappen might well be coming for many of his Formula 1 records. Verstappen is about to turn 25 at the end of this month, and until now, he already has 29 race wins under his name. Not only that, he would likely increase the race wins count to 30 by the end of this weekend.

Hamilton has a record of 103 race wins at the age of 37 with 17 years of experience as an active F1 driver. However, McLaren driver and Max Verstappen’s close friend Lando Norris believes that his figures could be under threat from Verstappen. As Lando stated, “If Max has two seasons like this, he can get another 30 to 40 wins in the next year-and-a-half to two years, and then he is up to 70 already. Hence, he could quite possibly beat Hamilton’s records.”

Toto Wolff Claims Hamilton’s Final Lap Would Have Beaten Max Verstappen To Pole

It looks like Mercedes has gained momentum for this weekend’s race at Zandvoort. Both the Silver Arrows drivers were significantly faster than their counterparts. George Rusell clinched 1st position in Fp1, while Hamilton was almost close to finishing at 2nd. Not only that, the seven-time world champion secured the fourth position in qualifying. And regarding the qualifying, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has claimed that Lewis Hamilton would likely have beaten Max Verstappen to pole position for the Dutch Grand Prix had he not been forced to abandon his final flying lap.


As Wolff revealed to Sky Sports, “It’s very frustrating. We were a tenth up on Verstappen and on Leclerc, so Lewis played for the pole here.” Not only that, he confirmed that Hamilton was ahead of both Verstappen and Leclerc. However, Toto Wolff clarified that the yellow flag triggered because of Sergio Perez’s spin was the reason behind Lewis Hamilton not achieving pole. However, Wolff seemed optimistic with Hamilton’s fourth & George Russell’s sixth position on the grid and hoped for better results in the main race.