Max Verstappen Calls Lewis Hamilton A \’SHOW OFF,\’ Claims He Has Many Things To Do Unlike The Briton

Lewis Hamilton - Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are arguably the most controversial pair of Formula One. the drivers never fail to criticize each other. Once again, a statement by Max Verstappen is taking place in the world of internet criticism. Everyone knows that Lewis Hamilton is the most popular star of Formula One. He has more than 30 million fans and is one of the most active personalities on social media. On the contrary, his rival, Max Verstappen, is just the opposite. Despite being young, smart, and a back-to-back world champion, Max Verstappen has a low influence on Social Media. But, Why so? Max himself gives a very blunt reply.

The Dutch Red Bull driver usually does not use his social media handles. Once a month, he uploads pictures on Instagram. And, most probably, he doesn\’t post himself, as the management agency handles his accounts. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton posts everyday activities. He interacts with his fans on a regular basis through Instagram and Twitter. And he himself manages his account. The followers of teh seven-time world champion often get Hamilton\’s good morning story, good night message, and mostly the New York and London updates.

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton

However, when Max Verstappen was asked if he also wanted to become the same as Lewis Hamilton in terms of using social media, he remained planless. He said, \”I don\’t feel the need to show my private life to the world.\” Speaking with the Dutch outlet of Limburger, Verstappen revealed that, like him, Kelly Piquet (his girlfriend) also doesn\’t post a lot.

\”Some People Don\’t Have Anything Else To Do\”, Max Verstappen Slightly Jibes On Lewis Hamilton\’s Social Media Use?

Nevertheless, the driver does have some retirement plans which seem not similar to Lewis Hamilton\’s. Verstappen lately reckoned, \”When I am ever in case done with the sport, I do not see myself posting much after that. \” He bluntly added, \”I don\’t like it [posting a lot on Instagram like the Mercedes star].

The two-time world champion, Max Verstappen, believes that he would rather like keep himself busy with other things than use Social Media. And, after that, a very bold and straight statement comes, which probably hits his rival, Hamilton. Max said, \”Some people do nothing else all day.\” Later the driver explained that he spends a lot of time on his phone but just to arrange things around his sim team. It consumes a lot of time too, but it is his passion, so he enjoys working on it.

Lewis Hamilton

This year the 25-year-old Red Bull driver claimed his second world title. Max Verstappen still needs five more titles to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher. Whenever Max is asked about when he would like to exit from Formula One, he shows uncertainty. However, he has surely claimed that he will never ever like to drive in his forties. This goes against the activities of Lewis Hamilton, who is ready to sign another five years contract which will make him drive in his forties too. So every time, there has been a hidden Hamilton jab in Verstappen\’s statement, only if one can see.

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