Max Verstappen Blames New Heavy F1 Cars For Failing To Work In Street-Style Circuits

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is now a back-to-back F1 world champion. This season, he won 15 Grand Prix races and held the record for most wins in a season, breaking the earlier record of 13 set by Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. The 25-year-old won his second world championship trophy after conquering the Japanese Grand Prix. There were still four races remaining, 3 out of which were won by him only. Even a blind person can also say that Max Verstappen has had the best year in terms of career scoring and experiences. He stunningly conquered almost all the circuits, courses, and tracks. But when asked about the different experiences he had in the season, Verstappen replied for everything positively, except about the street races.

The two-time world champion does not seem happy about the races taking place in the street circuits. He believes that Formula One should not even conduct any race on the street circuits because they provide the worst experiences to the drivers. However, the street circuits are not something that prevents Max Verstappen from winning. Yet he does not favor organizing the circuit races on the F1 calendar.


Max Verstappen Do Not Like Driving On Street Circuits

The driver explained the challenges that make the street circuits dangerous and more challenging for the drivers. He said, \”With the new F1 cars, driving on the street circuits is the worst experience I have ever got. It is just because they are way too heavy, too stiff.\” As a matter of fact, the Singapore Grand Prix was the break of Max\’s consecutive wins, and it was a street circuit.

Apparently, Max Verstappen was supposed to win his championship in Singapore only. But as he was beaten by teammate Sergio Perez, he won the world title in Japan. About the Singapore Marina Bay circuit, Max Verstappen claimed that he love the Singapore track. However, he did not like how the car behaved. As per him, \”compared to like 2015, 2016 where it is a little bit more agile and you can ride the kerbs.\”

The 2022 F1 World Champion believes that at this time, the cars made in the factories are stiff that always end up on the other side of the track when touching the kerb. Max Verstappen admitted that he is personally more about high-speed corners. For him, the Spa circuit should always be on the F1 calendar. Because this is where being a driver, you can make a big difference.


Monaco Grand Prix Was Won By Checo, Again A Street Circuit

During the 2022 F1 season, Max Verstappen won both the Miami and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. However, in the Monaco Grand Prix, the Red Bull drivers had a little controversy developing between them. Sergio Perez won the race, but he went under crash in the qualifying. This crash was not just a crash, but apparently, it was the reason why Max Verstappen could not win the Weekend race. Due to Perez\’s crash, the qualifying had to end prematurely, which prevented Max from securing a good position.

And adding fire to the context, Monaco Grand Prix was won by Perez himself. These incidents were natural, but these made Verstappen\’s fans if the crash was intentional. Maybe Sergio Perez crashed intentionally so that Max could not win, these kinds of controversy surrounded the drivers. Speaking about the controversial Monaco Grand Prix to Viaplay, Max said, \”It is very tricky, especially in Monaco qualifying. When you go to the limits, it is really tough to nail a lap.\”

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