Max Verstappen Believes His Chances Of Winning In The 2023 Season Are RUINED Because Of Cost Cap Penalty

Max Verstappen

The year has been the best for Red Bull in terms of on-track achievements. But with the off-track stories of the 2022 constructor\’s champion team, one can definitely say that Red Bull was a bit unlucky this year. Everything was going smoothly after the team removed some of the RB18\’s weight to get the proper pace. Max Verstappen was winning all the races after the loss of Silverstone. However, suddenly during the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull got accused of breaching last year\’s budget of $145 million by $7 million.

The allegations were directly denied by Red Bull. However, FIA found the team guilty of minor breaching in the final investigations. The reports said that Red Bull had breached the budget just by $0.5 million. The rest of the amount went into the tax submissions. So FIA, according to them, gave very little punishment, a $7 million fine, and a 10% deduction in the aerodynamics development for 12 months, despite the strict sanction demands of the rival teams.
However, Red Bull\’s principal found the penalty to be draconian. And, now, Max Verstappen came out to support his boss, claiming it to be a \’heavy\’ punishment.


In an interview with the, Max Verstappen shared what he feels about Red Bull\’s cost cap breach penalty. He said, \”Everyone is more motivated because of this[the penalty]. However, I [Max Verstappen] think that it is heavy punishment for what we have done. But, Yes! What can we do about this?\” Max believes that Red Bull had to accept the penalty with a cold heart. They never believed to be guilty of such breaching would lead them to face this \”draconian\” and \”heavy\” penalty.

Team Red Bull, Including Max Verstappen, Is Displeased With The Cost Cap Penalty

Max Verstappen is helpless because once FIA has implemented the penalty, no one can do anything to take it back. Now, the only thing Red Bull can do is to see what impact the penalty brings on Red Bull next year. The team has been the winner of the constructors this year, which means they already have a lesser allowance in Wind Tunnel tests. Now, with the penalty, the team will get only 202 runnings.

Max Verstappen with Christian Horner

Max Verstappen revealed that no one in the Red Bull factory is satisfied with the cost-cap budget rule, plus the penalty they received. The two-time world champion also told that he had apologized to his team. Max said sorry for damaging the car which led the team to reach the budget ceiling. Now that the team has faced most of the reputational damage because of the cost cap budget breach, it needs to be more careful in the future.

Showing concerns about the matter, Max Verstappen said, \”I have apologized many times to the people in the Red Bull factory. But there was not a real limitation.\” Previously there was just hard work required to mend the damaged car. Now, they will also have to face budget breaching threats. So it will definitely not be easy with the low-cost budgets to be in F1 and still be the same strong team, as believed by Max Verstappen.

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