Los Angeles Lakers Once Again Got MVP Chants! But They Were Not For LeBron James Or Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers have been picked up by their star players to move up in the correct direction. However, they are still among the bottom teams in the Western Conference due to their bad start to the season. It looks like the Lakers will have to pull their socks up to finally sit in the driving seat to take control of the season. Otherwise, the squad could drop the postseason like they did last year, ending up in the 8th position.

However, the Lakers have created some players who are willing to give everything for the team. One such player who has come up in recent times is Austin Reaves, who is slowly making a cult following of his own. His hard style of play has earned him immense respect and support from Lakers fans, and they even cheered him as the MVP of the year. The cheer remains ironic because Reaves is not an MVP-level player this year, nor has he been in previous ones. Keep reading to find out what made fans chant MVP-MVP in the Crypto Arena for the youngster.

Austin Reaves

Fans Chant Lakers\’ Youngster Name In The Game Against Nuggets

It does come as a surprise why the Lakers fans started shouting MVP when Reaves had the ball for the free throw. In a team that includes LeBron James and Anthony Davis, fans started chanting for a 24-year-old guard. The fans began chanting for him after he made an incredible one-on-one against the Nuggets\’ defender. And the cheers grew louder and louder as he made the free throw after receiving a foul on his dribble. It looks like the youngster has earned a cult following among Lakers fans.

Although the chants were a little unexpected, the guard has been playing pretty decent this year. The youngster has also become a crucial part of the head coach Darvin Ham\’s plan for the Lakers. Meanwhile, Reaves is averaging 10.6 points, 3.0 rebounds, and 2.2 assists in 30 minutes every game. The Lakers are constantly looking to change their squad and for someone to fill their guard position. However, Austin has nothing to worry about as he has perfectly settled into the role.


Austin has been in LA for two years now, and his consistency on the court has made him a fan favorite. Apart from his regularity of game time, he has also been a reliable pawn for the head coach in his plans for the team. Although the youngster is not an MVP-level player, there is no denying that he is more than just a youngster on the team.

The 24-year-old guard has settled himself very quickly in the start-studded Lakers team. Reaves solves a major problem that the Lakers are not able to deal with since the start of the season. The guard can efficiently shoot the ball from long range, where Hollywood has suffered.

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