\”Lewis Hamilton\’s Ego Flies In A Jumbo Jet, George Russell A Chatterbox\” Claims Former F1 Driver!

Team Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton may have been passing the bad days of his life these days with no winning celebrations. But he has already achieved a lot that still makes people speak in favor of him. There are millions of Hamilton\’s fans who can\’t describe him as a loser for just a bad 2022 season. And one of them is Christian Danner. He is a German former Formula One driver and is pretty impressed by Hamilton\’s legacy despite Mercedes\’s drop this year. Doesn\’t matter how Mercedes fell this year; they\’ll rise again next to challenge Red Bull, as believed by Danner.

The former German driver has a strong feeling that Mercedes will have a great setback in 2023. He believes that Lewis Hamilton and team Mercedes are among the ones who have a lot of egos, and if they have lost something, they will definitely get it back. And, with George Russell, the Brackly-based team has got a \”chatterbox\” who approaches all matters impartially.

Lewis Hamilton

Speaking of Mercedes\’s overall team performance this year, Christain Danner said, \”Mercedes had an interesting pairing in terms of personalities.\” He likes the fact that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are teammates because \”Lewis usually lets his ego fly in the jumbo jet. And, George is more of a chatterbox who approaches the matter impartially which is very interesting to be found in a team.\”

When Danner spoke about the team who could definitely beat Red Bull next, he took Mercedes\’s name at first. For Ferrari, he tends not to be too optimistic. He believes that the Scuderia team made a mistake by letting Mattia Binotto resign this year. According to Danner, Ferrari lacks in containing the magic word of F1, \’continuity,\’ which makes things worse for the team.

Team Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton Is The Only One Who Can Beat Max Verstappen, Big Claims In Favor Of Mercedes

For Ferrari, Christian Danner said, \”It is better to analyze the problem even if things do not go well. Maybe restructure them. But to continue working within the large structure.\” He then claimed, \”Mattia Binotto\’s departure will set the Marnello-based team back three years.\”

Meanwhile, not only Danner but also other former Formula One personalities like Anthony Davidson comes out to claim that Hamilton still has things that it takes to beat Max Verstappen. The most surprising point in the matter is that Lewis Hamilton just had passed his worst season in his entire career. A season with no wins, no poles, no happiness, no big records, and nothing great! And, yet, people don\’t see it as the start of his downfall. They rather believe him as the only driver who can challenge Max Verstappen next year. Probably, because they know that it was not Hamilton who made the season-worst, but the W13 and the new regulations.


Speaking with Sky Sports, Anthony Davidson said, \”I can see the only person that can mount a series challenge to Max Verstappen is Lewis Hamilton.\” He remained unsure of the unexpected outcomes, but with Hamilton in the plot, Davidson is pretty sure that the seven-time-world champion will definitely take this fight to Max Verstappen.

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