Lewis Hamilton Will Become Mercedes\’ No. 1 Again In 2023! Nico Rosberg Warns George Russell

Lewis Hamilton George Russell

Should George Russell be afraid of Lewis Hamilton for the next season? This season the seven-time world champion had to break all of his winning streaks. He could not even get a pole position in the entire campaign of F1 2022. On the other hand, his teammate George Russell clinched his maiden Grand Prix win. In Sao Paulo, everyone was expecting Hamilton to win as he was racing as a Brazilian native this time. Hamilton knew that Brazil was the last chance for him to save his records. But, unfortunately, he was defeated by his own teammate George Russell by securing only a P2.

Despite the team having the worst season, Russell had a quite happy ending. He saved the pride of Mercedes to round off the season with at least one win. The 24-year-old driver created a split set-up with the lead driver of the Silver Arrows when he cultivated 35 points more than Hamilton. Russell became the third driver to ever beat the seven-time world champion, being a teammate. Previously, only Jenson Button [when Lewis Hamilton was in Mclaren] and Nico Rosberg [in Mercedes] had been able to beat Hamilton on track being teammates. Goerge had finished the season under top-five contenders, while Hamilton failed by being sixth in the driver\’s standings.

Ultimate Challenge For George Russell Next Year, As Hamilton Will Become More Challenging

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton

Looking at the current scenarios, Lewis Hamilton\’s ex-teammate Nico Rosberg has tried to warn George Russell. It is 100 percent confirmed that George will face a very challenging teammate next year because Hamilton is not gonna let his failures go in vain. Next year he will be back like a wounded lion. And, if Russell wants to build a shining career from this time onwards, he will have to be ready to face Hamilton\’s challenges.

Recently, in an interview with Sky Sports, Nico Rosberg said, \”there will still be a dissimilar situation next year if they start it right at the front.\” By battling for podiums and wins from the get-go and being away from all the mess of the grid. The Mercedes drivers can start the 2023 season with a good beginning, as stated by Rosberg. He believed that next year, with a good start, team Mercedes would face a different situation \”where they are not completely lost\”. They will know where to go because Lewis Hamilton is more than prepared for that.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

Therefore, \”George Russell has to prove it again next year and see if he can maintain his position ahead of Lewis Hamilton.\” said Rosberg. He warned the young Briton by saying, \”there is an ultimate challenge\” for him next year. If Russell stays ahead of the seven-time world champion with a good car, it will be proved that 2022 was not just a beginner\’s luck for him. Let\’s see if Hamilton gets back his legacy with 2023 or if he enters into his dark era.

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