Lewis Hamilton Warns 2023 Season Will Once Again See Disasterous Results For Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Mercedes, for the first time with Lewis Hamilton\’s presence, got the third position in the constructor\’s championship with 515 points. Unfortunately, this is the least the team recorded in eight years. After passing the worst season ever, all that Mercedes has to do is prepare for next year and hope for a strong comeback. But, looking at these predictions, it does not seem like Mercedes will have a stroke of good luck next year. Apparently, former F1 driver and pundit Karun Chandhok has some big warnings for Mercedes. According to that, 2023 will not be \”easy\” as there have been regulation tweaks next year. These rule changes will apparently have a bad impact on the Silver Arrows.

Except for Red Bull and Ferrari, almost all the teams faced porpoising issues this season. The mostly affected team was Mercedes. Before this year, they barely ever had porpoising problems. But, during this season, the issue became difficult enough to lose Lewis Hamilton\’s legacy and winning streaks. Following the porpoising problems faced by the teams, FIA tried to give the teams a little relief and launched a new regulation.

Mercedes Team in the Factory

With the launch of the new rule now, the floor of the car will be raised by 15 mm. This will prevent the cars\’ floor edge from colliding with the circuits. Not only this, but the new rule will also make sure a more natural run without many bouncings. For the Brackley-based team, one of the biggest problems they faced this year was the bouncing of the cars. W13 could not get the required pace due to the porpoising issues only.

2023 Is Too Risky For Mercedes

Mercedes tried their best throughout the entire season to figure out the grey area of the car. And eventually, they did great in the closing races of the season. After the launch of the final upgrade, the team managed to overcome the bouncing issue and finally brought Lewis Hamilton into the position to battle with Max Verstappen. (as one can remember, the Interlagos Mercedes-Red Bull crash)


Meanwhile, the new regulations that FIA is implementing to remove the dreadful porpoising problems of the cars do not seem quite helpful for Mercedes. Karun Chandhok suspects that Mercedes might face difficulty in running the side. This is because they have never run a high ride height. Speaking with Sky Sports, he said, \”There is a regulation change next season, which seems small. But, not significant in terms of the right height. And, the cars now will have to go running at a higher ride height.\”

Now the question is, why will the rules be difficult for Mercedes when they are made to help? This is because, as Chandhok explains, Mercedes never had run at high ride height before in their entire F1 history. It is indeed true that the team has someone like Lewis Hamilton, who has won 7 world championships. But the problem this time is big; maybe even the seven-time world champion will find it tough to fix.

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