Lewis Hamilton Ultimately Beats Max Verstappen In Driver Rankings

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Unfortunately, Lewis Hamilton missed clinching his eighth world championship title by battling with Max Verstappen in 2021 with a last-moment plot twist. Till then, the seven-time world champion is under his bad-luck cloud. In 2022, Hamilton returned to Formula One just to take back the trophy that he lost in 2021. But this time, he had to face an even worse scenario.

Instead of watching his enemy lose, Hamilton had to watch Max rise even higher. Many started doubting his legacy, questioning his talent, and criticizing him after he passed a winless season. But they forgot that Lewis Hamilton is still a seven-time world champion and the only driver to have won 103 times in the history of Formula One.

Despite passing the 2022 season without wins and without poles, Hamilton is still the same popular in terms of getting higher ranks. In a recent study of a social audience digital measurement platform named Zoomph, an evaluation has been made based on the most-socialized driver of 2022. Among the 20 drivers on the grid, a ranking has been made by their social media interactions and engagement with fans which has Lewis Hamilton at the topmost position.

Lewis Hamilton

No One Can Beat Lewis Hamilton In Terms Of Having the Most Social Interactions

In the list of the most talked-about driver throughout the 2022 F1 season, the seven-time world champion takes the first rank, while the year\’s championship winner Max Verstappen is in the fourth position. The rankings have a very surprising result as it has Max\’s teammate Sergio Perez ahead of him. Checo got third behind Charles Leclerc, who again remains the runner-up.

Looking at the data, this year, Formula One had 114 million engagements in which Ferrari\’s star, Charles Leclerc, alone secured 88.3m with 1.1 billion impressions. However, the Mercedes star made 6% more than Leclerc in terms of engagement and in impressions; he holds the record with 1.9 billion from 268 times posts. Hamilton remains at the top with the highest social value of 48.5 million euros. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen could only gain 828.1 million impressions with 755 social posts. However, in terms of engagement rate, Verstappen has 7.23 percent, which is higher than Lewis Hamilton.


If Lewis Hamilton is winning the competitions based on the public\’s interactions, then obviously, there is no surprise in it. The Mercedes driver has always been people\’s favorite. Even at present, the seven-time world champion has the most fan following on Instagram. He has almost 40 million followers, way more than his teammate George Russell who has only 4 million followers. Let\’s say 44 million in combination goes for Mercedes. On the other hand, for Red Bull, both the drivers, Max Verstappen with 9.5 million and Sergio Perez with 5.2 million, in combination, could only make a total of 14.7 million fans.

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