\”Lewis Hamilton Should\’ve Retired After 2021 Abu Dhabi Drama,\” Tom Coronel Thinks That Was The Right Time For Him To Leave

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a seven-time Formula One World Champion, which is the highest set record in the sport. However, ultimately, this achievement is not enough for him. The Mercedes star wants to break his own and Michael Schumacher\’s record, which he almost did in 2021. However, he was beaten by Max Verstappen in the very last moment of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Apparently, this last moment-defeat was pathetic enough for the Briton to leave the sport and never come back.

Nevertheless, some inappropriateness was indeed found in FIA\’s judgment when they announced Verstappen as the winner. And, as no one could do anything to stop it, fans expected Lewis Hamilton to leave F1 in protest. Although he did return in 2022 to seal back his lost title and unfortunately got defeated by his teammate George Russell. But many, including the Dutch racing driver Tom Coronel, have criticized Hamilton\’s decision to stay. As per Coronel, \”it was the time to go\” in the initial part of the season, looking at the Briton\’s degraded results.

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Colliding At Interlagos

Tom Coronel Thinks Hamilton Should Not Have Come Back In 2022

However, looking at the progress of Lewis Hamilton from P10 in Saudi Arabia to P2 in Brazil, Tom changed his view. Instead of predicting the time for Hamilton to resign, he accepted that Lewis regained his \”bite\” at the end of the season.

Evidently, the 2022 season has been the worst in the entire racing career of the seven-time world champion. And securing such a dreadful position (a P6) in the driver\’s standings just after battling for the championship trophy last year was quite unacceptable for fans. Everyone, including Lewis Hamilton himself, demanded something great this year. But except for disappointment, nothing was achieved.

Tom Coronel

With the porpoising issues in their W13 cars, both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were struggling to come in the front rows. However, George, the Mercedes\’ newcomer, even with the porpoising, managed to finish under top-5 nine times throughout the season. While Hamilton, the driver who helped Mercedes to clinch eight constructors championships, could only complete five times in the top-5 finishes.

From the beginning of the season only, Russell has been doing better than Hamilton. This somehow made Tom Coronel think that Hamilton should not have returned this year. Speaking with Motorsport.com, the Dutch driver said, \”At the start of the season I thought, it is time to go [for Hamilton].\”

\”Lewis Hamilton Has Driven Well, Should Come Back Next Year\”

Tom Coronel believes that the blow one driver takes as a sportsman after last year is hard to get over it. The failure, the loss just gawn in the head, and then all you get is sleepless nights. Everyone, including the greatest of the sportsman, has to suffer that. However, for Lewis Hamilton, he reckoned, \”I don\’t think it was so much of the motivation.\”


Meanwhile, when Mercedes was able to minimize the bouncing of their car, Hamilton started to get back his pace. The way the Briton challenged Max Verstappen in Austin and Mexico was absolutely incredible. It was probably the team\’s strategy that prevented the drivers from winning the US and Mexican GP. Because, after the launch of the final upgrade in Austin, W13 was getting stronger. Finally, in Brazil, with a good strategy, George Russell broke the duck of Mercedes and marked the season\’s first victory. Lewis Hamilton also got to finally win the battle with his rival Max Verstappen in Interlagos.

This was indeed progress which impressed Tom Coronel to say, \”Lewis has driven really well and also showed that the fighting of his back. Next year especially he will fight.\”

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