This might come to fans as a big shock or surprise, but yes. All the hard work and dedication might go in vain, and the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton might get eliminated from this year’s race for the ultimate championship win. This result is arising not because of any penalty or an error, this is sheer calculations. But why the Mercedes driver is getting evicted? Keep reading to find out.

Sadly, the biggest record that Sir Lewis Hamilton holds will come to an end after seventeen years of hard work. Besides being the seven-time F1 World Champion, he also harbors the record for winning a race in each season he competed in F1 racing since his debut. However, this year changed all the dynamics for the Briton. This is because until after fifteen out of twenty-two races, Hamilton is devoid of the first position this year. And looks like his chance to win an eighth Formula 1 world championship in 2022 can officially come to an end this weekend in Monza.

Lewis Hamilton Facing Elimination In Monza

As per the calculations, only six drivers are left in the competition to win the 2022 Formula 1 world championship. And according to drivers’ standings, all the top six drivers come from the big three names; Red Bull & Ferrari & Mercedes. However, one of the top six drivers might get out of the competition even before Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix. And the target could be none other than Lewis Hamilton. 

With seven Grand Prix left in the schedule, there are 26 points available for each driver in each race. From that, 25 goes to the winner of the race. Meanwhile, the remaining points are on offer for the driver who runs the race’s fastest lap, depending that he has finished in the top 10 of the grid. Eight points of one sprint qualifying race are also left in 2022. Therefore, a particular driver can score a maximum of 190 points before the end of the championship. 

After the Italian GP, the points available will decrease to 164. And if the top driver Max Verstappen outscores Lewis Hamilton by 12 points or more, Hamilton’s chance to even compete in the 2022 championship will end. 

Toto Wolff Still Trying For The Victory

On the other hand, Mercedes is still trying to keep up the warrior feel. They are still working to achieve their first victory of the season. And their boss Toto Wolff is ensuring they remain optimistic till the end of the season to secure a race win, as they almost touched the victory at the Dutch GP. 

Mercedes Toto Wolff

Ahead of the Italian GP at Monza, the Mercedes principal mentioned that they didn’t have the fastest car across the Dutch GP weekend. However, the team did a fantastic job putting us in the mix to win the race. As Wolff stated, “we need to ensure we’re in that position regularly. Through everyone’s hard work, we’re edging closer to that first win of the season.” Although he also embraced the fact that Mercedes will face more challenges at Monza weekend because of the circuit characteristics.