Lewis Hamilton May Have To Settle With Only 7 World Championship Titles Just Like Michael Schumacher?

Lewis Hamilton

Apparently, what Michael Schumacher has given to Formula One is unbeatable for any of the drivers in the sport. One can definitely reach the same level as the legend, but it takes everything to beat him. Although it is Lewis Hamilton, who dared to stand neck to neck with the first seven-time world champion. However, whilst trying to break the record, the Mercedes driver failed for the past two years. In 2021, Lewis Hamilton went into a battle with Max Verstappen in order to clinch his eighth world title but was beaten by Verstappen in the last lap. And, in 2022, the driver could not even come under the top five drivers list, the worst finish in his career.

The past season\’s disappointments have led fans to create a feeling that their champion will have to exit the sport with just seven titles same as the Schumacher. But as per Mercedes\’s principal, no one needs to worry because Lewis Hamilton is going nowhere before he sets another highest record. Toto Wolff is 100% confident about a setback of the driver who passed his first winless season.

Hamilton Is Not Gonna Exit Like Schumacher With 7 World Titles


Lewis Hamilton might have finished this year without a win or even a pole. But he still holds the record of 103 wins that no one can dare to break. The driver and his team, Mercedes, together have dominated the season for at least a decade. Since the time the Briton joined the Silver Arrows, good luck came to the team with parallel success. However, in Formula One, there is a dark history, \’every driver who fell down did not stand the same tall\’. Michael Schumacher was the first driver in Formula One to create such an incredible record of 7 championship titles. But when he left Ferrari, he could never get the same success. Even in his contract period with Mercedes, Schumacher failed to win even once.

The same history seems to be repeating with none other than Schumacher\’s challenger, Lewis Hamilton. With the glory period of Red Bull and Max Verstappen, Hamilton\’s shine has faded. He has already fallen down in the 2022 campaign, which matches the same with Michael. However, Mercedes is not accepting their failure with the same perspective.

Boss Toto Wolff believes it is indeed true that each great driver has had great times together with their team once. Ferrari had won 5 consecutive championships with Schumacher, whereas Red Bull had Sebastian Vettel to win 4 consecutive championships. Mercedes do have Lewis Hamilton, with whom the team won 7 consecutive construction championships. But, unlike the above two, Hamilton will come back to stand tall again.

Mercedes Will Learn From The Mistakes To Make A Grand Set Back In 2022


Wolff has given a very valid point to prove his prophecy. He said that instead of falling like Ferrari and Red Bull, Mercedes has learned from their errors. Whatever mistakes Ferrari and Red Bull did shall not be repeated by Mercedes, and that\’s how the team can build their dominance back in Formula One. In a recent interview, Toto Wolff said, \”Ferrari lost the whole top leadership and a key driver.\” This is traceable from the Scuderia. And for Red Bull, he pointed out that \”It was a fundamental situation because the power unit regulation changed in 2014. All the parameters changed for the team.\”

However, for Mercedes, he believed that the end of the turbo hybrid era caused the team to make unstable adjustments. The team failed to adjust to the new rules of the ground floor and failed to secure success. But as far as possible, the team has analyzed their mistakes and come to a solution that will be implemented in the W14 this winter break. The Silver Arrows will mend all the grey parts of the car and become the same strong again as they were three to four years ago.

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