Why Is Lewis Hamilton \’The Best F1 Driver\’ In The World? These Statistics Will Finish His GOAT Debate

Lewis Hamilton

One might ask, why is Lewis Hamilton considered the GOAT driver of Formula One? Maybe because he has got seven world titles and 103 (the most) Grand Prix Wins in Formula One history. Half of the motorsport fans say there is no one like Lewis Hamilton, and he is the greatest of all. But the rest of them says he is NOT! Despite having the same number of world titles as Michael Schumacher, some people consider Hamilton to be not the best of all. Why so? Probably because of this analysis. Keep reading to know.

When Lewis Hamilton joined Mercedes in 2013, just after a year, he won his second and Mercedes\’ first Formula One championship title. Again in 2015, the British driver clinched both of the year\’s championships. Just in 2016, he missed, which triggered his ego so much that Lewis Hamilton did not stop until he sealed seven-world titles for himself and 8 for his team, and his family, Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton

However, for the past two years, the seven-time world champion is not having good luck. In 2021 Lewis Hamilton lost the battle for his 8th world title to Max Verstappen. And, when in 2022, he returned to take it back, even worse things happened. This season, Hamilton broke all of the records that he has been maintaining since he debuted in Formula One, the record for winning at least one race he participates in each year. He never passed a winless season, but this one.

This year Lewis, the GOAT driver of Formula One, got defeated by his own teammate George Russell by 35 points in the driver\’s standings. But why? How come the seven-time world finished the season 6th this year? This has never happened before!

Why Are They Calling 2022 As The Exposed Year For Lewis Hamilton?

The only reason why Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes fell in 2022 is the introduction of the new ground floor rules and the end of the turbo hybrid era. Red Bull dominated in the 2022 season because they mastered in adjusting to the new regulations, while Mercedes failed.

The Silver Arrows struggled to make a strong car, incapable of fighting with the F1-75 and RB18. But the same car was given to his teammate George Russell too. How did he manage to secure Mercedes\’s pride then? Some sections of F1 fans are trying to call the \”worst\” season of Hamilton the \”exposed\” season of his career. With Briton\’s downfall this year, people have started criticizing him and \”exposing\” him.


The critics of Lewis Hamilton focus on the fact that during his dominative years, he had the best cars. And as soon as the Briton got a weaker car, he failed to win. Indeed in the turbo hybrid era, Mercedes were the strongest car on the grid. But with the difficult rules and low-cost cap budgets, the driver started to fall again.

Everyone has different opinions about it. But, one should always remember that it has only been a year in which Hamilton could not meet his standards. If the turbo Hybrid era was this much easy that it helped Lewis to win seven world titles, then why did not the other teams make the same car? Indeed, Mercedes worked hard in 2014, and thus it got the best result. This year, they failed to adjust to the rules. But, next year, the team will come stronger, and then Lewis Hamilton will again win.

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