Lewis Hamilton Has More Chance Of A 2023 Title Win Than Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton recently suffered from the pain of losing all his stunning records and streaks of winning that he had maintained since when he debuted in the sport. The 2022 Formula One season was the worst for team Mercedes, especially for the seven-time world champion. However, fans do not need to be worried about their champion. This is because whatever happened this year just ended with the season itself. The next season, 2023, will definitely be different and bright for Hamilton. Well, this is not just a meaningless prediction; there is a strong fact supporting it from behind.

AEX, sports betting analytics firm, has suggested that the chances of winning the 2023 F1 World championship for the seven-time world champion are 62.5%. And, if we talk about rating, then Lewis Hamilton has a 3/5 chance of winning his eighth world title next year. There is a lot more analysis forecasting a strong comeback for Mercedes. But How? Just keep reading to know!


First of all, everyone has seen that Mercedes did badly initially in the season, but eventually, the drivers\’ performance improved. They tried hard while overcoming the horrendous porpoising issues of W13. And, finally came up with an upgrade ahead of the United States Grand Prix. Since the Weekend race of Austin, Lewis Hamilton continuously secured second on the podium three times.

Lewis Hamilton Will Beat Max Verstappen As Red Bull Has Less Wind Tunnel Testing Window

In the closing races of the season, especially in the second last race, The Brazilian Grand Prix, Mercedes just got back their pride. The team was found to give challenges to the reigning champion Red Bull. However, again in Abu Dhabi, Lewis Hamilton has to face mechanic failure. The team could not beat Ferrari in the constructor\’s championship despite the last upgrade of W13. Yet, they have figured out what wrong was done in making the car that led to such failure.

Lewis Hamilton- Toto Wolff

At Interlagos, Mercedes newcomer George Russell won his maiden and Mercedes\’s first-only race of the season. He started the race with a pole which was his second pole. The first was already claimed in Hungary but was destroyed by Max Verstappen. The 24-year-old Mercedes driver managed to secure a position in the top 5 contenders of F1 in the driver\’s standings. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton finished the season with nine podiums and P6 in the driver\’s standings. This was the lowest finish in his entire sports career.

However, despite the above minus parts of the season, there is still a plus point given to Hamilton by AEX analytics. They believe that Lewis Hamilton is not going to repeat the same performance next year. This year he broke his legacy and winning streaks, but in 2023, he will get them all back.

According to the analysis, Lewis Hamilton will have a better Mercedes car next year as they have got more wind tunnel runnings than Red Bull. With the cost cap penalty (10% reduction in aero parts) plus the less allowance in aerodynamics development for Red Bull as a result of being the constructors champion, the team will face issues next year. At the same time, Mercedes will utilize the 10+10% more allowance and make the car strong enough to battle with Max Verstappen\’s Red Bull. So, good times for Mercedes are at the door!

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