Lewis Hamilton & George Russell Rivalry Will Be \”10 Times Worse\” Than Hamilton & Nico Rosberg, Here\’s Why

Lewis Hamilton George Russell

George Russell won his maiden race in the season that Mercedes considers a true nightmare. When Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, was forced to break his legacy, his stunning winning streaks, and several records, how come, George Russell, a young newcomer, managed to provide the pride of rounding off the season with at least one win? Is he better than Hamilton? Will he be a challenge for the seven-time world champion in clinching his eighth world title? Looks like one of the former F1 team bosses came out to predict a \”10 times\” worse scenario in Mercedes with Russell than how it was with Nico Rosberg.

When there is Lewis Hamilton in a team, it is always him who wins, no matter who is the guy sitting next door. This is what has happened in history. None of his ex-teammates has won the championship over him except Nico Rosberg. The German-Finnish driver won the 2016 Formula One world championship with Mercedes by beating Lewis Hamilton. This is something big to digest by the Briton himself and his fans which never repeated again till today. But there is a famous saying, \’History Repeats Itself\’ which sits perfectly with the current situation with George Russell.


George Russell Performed Way Better Than Lewis Hamilton In The 2022 Season

After beating Lewis Hamilton in the driver\’s standings by 35 points and two positions, George Russell has given a hint about how tough it is going to be for his teammate. Well, this prediction is not meaningless as Peter Windsor, the former Williams and Ferrari team manager says the same. Speaking with the Twitch channel, he said, \”It[ George Russell /Hamilton] will be ten times worse than Nico Rosberg/Lewis Hamilton. After what you saw in Barcelona on that opening lap back in 2016. How Lewis and Nico is just the start of it between George and Lewis. Up another level.\”

Peter Windsor explains that the future will be hard for the seven-time world champion with George\’s entry in Mercedes. he believes that Russell is going to drive into Hamilton quite a lot if they are in the championship-winning cars. However, Windsor reckoned that no one is like Lewis. He is still the driver with the most wins in F1. But now George Russell is another challenge for him in the upcoming years, and this will be too annoying for Lewis.


Later, the former Williams team manager stated that for Lewis Hamilton only Valtteri Bottas was better as his teammate. Valtteri could never beat Hamilton while staying in Mercedes even when they had strong cars. But George Russell managed to do so even with the worst Mercedes car. Reviewing the overall 2022 season, one can definitely spot that the 24-year-old driver has been a lot better than Hamilton. During his stay in Mercedes, Russell never got the championship-winning car, but as soon as he got even the worst version of [W13], he succeeded in proving that he was a strong title contender.

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