Last Sunday, Dutch Grand Prix brought another set of surprises and shocks for Mercedes’ fans and supporters. On one end, George Russell secured a second podium position and added more points to the team, which are very crucial at this moment. However, a strategic dilemma and hunger for a top podium position left Lewis Hamilton dragging past the checkered flag in the fourth position. This was even more disheartening because the Briton had a real chance to win the race at Zandvoort ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

However, when the safety car was brought in, Hamilton was not called in to pit his car for a new set of soft tyres. This led to George Russell & Charles Leclerc taking over the seven-time world champion and attaining second and third positions, respectively. Meanwhile, when Lewis understood the situation, he lost his cool and burst out on Mercedes’ radio for the error. This was not a regular statement that could’ve been sidelined because Hamilton blurted out some X-rated foul mouth slurs as he was fuming at the moment. And now, some people are addressing the Silver Arrow’s lead driver as ‘aggressive and insulting.’

Jacques Villeneuve Called Out Lewis Hamilton ‘Aggressive’

On Sunday, when the safety car arrived, the Silver Arrows opted to pit George Russell and put him on faster tyres. And Hamilton was left to lead the race with the five laps old medium tyres. As a result, Hamilton could not restart his car and ended up in the fourth position. And apparently, he started lashing out on the radio. Hamilton told his team, “I can’t believe you screwed me like that. I can’t tell you how p****d I am.” He also added that it was the biggest f*** up for him.

However, Lewis Hamilton understood the issue after the race and even apologized to the team for his outburst. According to him, he was on the edge of breaking point with emotions. And that is a sign of his “passion” for the sport. Although former world champion and musician Jacques Villeneuve has criticized Lewis Hamilton’s angry burst out by calling that ‘insulting.’

Talking to column, Villeneuve put his thought out that Lewis Hamilton was aggressive, almost insulting. And even though the Briton apologized later, this is not befitting a champion. As he stated, “After everything the team has done for him, you shouldn’t be speaking to them like that.” The Canadian driver reckoned that he was amazed by Lewis Hamilton’s outburst in the race, especially how it was done. Although, even Mercedes’ team principal Toto Wolff addressed that he understood what Lewis felt at that moment. The German car boss added that he felt for him.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Until now, Lewis Hamilton has not won even a single race in the 2022 season. Hamilton has a world record of winning a race in every single F1 season since his debut. However, if the streak continues and the seven-time world champion might not be able to finish at the top in any of the remaining races, his 17-year record will come to an end.