Lewis Hamilton Desperate To Retire As A Champion, Will Serve Mercedes In Other Ways Even After That

Lewis Hamilton

Looks like Lewis Hamilton won\’t be there much longer as a driver. The 2022 season is one of the nightmares that Hamilton never wanted to face in reality, but he had to. The seven-time world champion not only finished the lowest (sixth) in the driver\’s standings but also got defeated by his teammate George Russell who is just 24 years old.

However, these downfalls do not mean that the driver is done with formula one. He has promised that until he will not breaks his own record of 7 titles; he will not retire. The worst season did never kill Hamilton\’s confidence; instead, it motivated ad encouraged him to do better in the future.

\”Formula One Is Not At All My Priority\”

Currently, Lewis hamilton is with Mercedes only till the end of 2023. But the driver, along with Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has revealed a deal extension plan for the Briton several times. And Recently, the Briton himself came out to share his retirement plans which said he is not going until he becomes a champion. Despite having the toughest formula one season in his entire career, Lewis Hamilton explained that this has been a good year as he found peace in off-the-track events like the trip to South Africa.

Lewis Hamilton

Meanwhile, speaking with Sport Bild, the Mercedes star said, \”Formula One is not the most important thing for me.\” Lewis explained, yes, motorsport was the most significant thing for him when he was a kid and also when he debuted in the sport. But, as soon as he went into his 30s, things changed. He said, \”I realized that all of it is just about making memories, with friends and family.\” Lewis Hamilton said a beautiful line explaining why Formula One lost its importance in his life. He stated, \”It is all about the key memories that we make with the people who mean the most to us.\”

\”Not For Long, But I\’ll Stay,\” Said Lewis Hamilton With A Lot Of Philosophy

Later, Lewis Hamilton talked about his future plans and what he is into at present, which does not include racing by any means. He revealed that he is focusing on making memories with his loved ones at present rather than thinking about the on-track racing things. In the long run of life, one does not take the professional things with him, but the memories and good times spent with family and friends. And this is what Hamilton is looking forward to.

Lewis Hamilton Brazil

The seven-time world champion believes that in life, sometimes it happens that you wake up and have the feeling like, I am giving up! I can\’t do this anymore. But sometimes, when you wake up, you realize that, no! it is not the end. There are still other things that I can do for my whole life. And there is definitely a set of other goals that I want to achieve. About Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton said, \”It won\’t be for a terribly long time, but I will definitely stay in the sport.\”

As an athlete, the best thing one can do before retiring becomes a champion. Leaving Formula One as a champion is a dream that every driver has, and so is the dream of Lewis Hamilton.

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