Almost every person associated with any sport wants it to have a friendly environment. Realistically, the sport should be free from all gender biases, racial and verbal abuse, the religious disparity and should only focus on the motive of the sport. However, as it happens in every sport, the personnel related to it eventually becomes victims of any kind of abuse in their career span. And somewhat similar happened with Red Bull Racing’s Head of Strategy, Hannah Schmitz. 

After the Dutch GP, the strategist received a lot of backlash over Alpha Tauri’s Yuki Tsunoda’s retirement. Yuki had to back off on lap 48 at Zandvoort, which led to a virtual safety car. This eventually allowed Max Verstappen to pit for fresh tyres and take the lead over Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. In the wake of retirement, fans believe that Alpha Tauri (the sister team of Red Bull) & Red Bull purposely brought in the situation so that Verstappen could pit and take the benefit of not losing as much time to Lewis Hamilton. 

Yuki Tsunoda

After the race, social media burst into flames and started blaming strategist Hannah Schmitz along with Alpha Tauri for orchestrating the event. However, the junior Red Bull team has cleared its stance on the allegations. They released a statement condemning allegations aimed at them as “untrue” and “unacceptable.” As the statement reads, “It is incredibly disheartening to read some of the language and comments directed at our team and towards Red Bull Racing’s head of strategy, Hannah Schmitz.” Not only Alpha Tauri but Mercedes’ driver Lewis Hamilton also stood up for Hannah Schmitz to defend the Red Bull strategist.

Lewis Hamilton Condemns Backlash Towards Red Bull Strategist

The seven-time world champion took to his Twitter handle to stand up for the unjust behavior toward the Red Bull strategist Hannah Schmitz. Following a series of conspiracy theories and derogatory comments that had circulated on social media regarding Hannah Schmitz and Alpha Tauri, Hamilton cleared that such behavior even from the online audience is ‘intolerable.’ He also mentioned that motorsport is cut-throat and edgy. Therefore, the outfits have to be ready for absolutely anything. And similar was the case for the Red Bull strategist. Lewis Hamilton’s tweet reads as follows-

Lewis Hamilton

“The language and hateful comments directed at Red Bull‘s Head of Strategy Hannah Schmitz is intolerable and should not be condoned. This sport is cut-throat, and you have to be ready for absolutely anything, and that’s what she did today.”

Not only the Silver Arrows driver but fans worldwide also joined Lewis Hamilton to defend Hannah Schmitz. They called out as to how she is one of the few women who have dared to shine in such a male-dominated sport. Moreover, some fans took the chance to show praise for the strategist by talking about her alongside the likes of Christian Horner and Adrian Newey.