Lewis Hamilton Defends Mercedes For Ending His 15-Year-Old Winning Streak! Do They Have A Plan To Make A COMEBACK?

Lewis Hamilton- Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton sealed a zero-race-winning season for the first time in his Formula One career to date. Team Mercedes, however, saved their dignity with at least one, one-two victory with George Russell\’s maiden Grand Prix win. But Hamilton had to break his incredible winning streak. As a matter of fact, Hamilton\’s personal records were never a priority for Mercedes as its principal, Toto Wolff, had already made it clear before Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Now, what\’s surprising is, despite being upset by the team, the seven-time world champion came out to defend it.

Lewis Hamilton tends to believe the \’worst season\’ is \”powerful\” because it will help Mercedes to bounce back next year. Not only Lewis Hamilton but also the Silver Arrows had a stunning eight streaks of constructor\’s championship, which shattered this season. The team dominated in Formula One during the turbo-hybrid era. But as soon as the ground-running era began due this year, they failed to adjust to it. New technical regulations were successfully adopted by Red Bull and Ferrari, who defeated Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

This year, Mercedes drivers were only surviving on the tracks and were striving to fight for sufficient points. The teams were on the hunt for advantages, but all they got is a disappointment. However, despite that, Lewis Hamilton had no hard feelings for his team, which provided weak cars to him and did not even prioritize his dignity. Instead, he appeared to speak positively about Mercedes. \”For me trying the best is even more powerful than winning every single race,\” said Hamilton.

\”I Am Proud Of My Team,\” said Lewis Hamilton

At the Brazilian Grand Prix, the only Mercedes-dominated race of the season, Lewis Hamilton got P2 just behind his teammate George Russell who claimed his first F1 victory. After the race, Hamilton said to the reporters, \”The journey has been the most important part and this year, for me Mercedes is the winner already\”. The driver clarified his claim and said, \”Obviously, not in how it is seen outside in terms of number.\”

Toto Wolff with Mercedes Drivers

The seven-time world champion believes that everyone on the team is a winner. This is because they did everything could. They\’ve all dug so deep. Nobody gave up. Not being in the forefront for the first time was definitely hard for Mercedes but all the members overcame the emotions they had. For this, Lewis Hamilton feels very much proud.

The champion shared his feelings about how he felt the victories so near several times but eventually lost them. When the driver got P4, P3, and even P2, it was more like the win was snatched from him. In those moments, they were elated and almost felt like the first win. But, these failures do not disappoint the Briton. He believes it was a powerful experience that motivated him and the team together get back what they had in the next season. Whatever happened, it\’s gone. Now, for next year, \”We will fight for victories and the championship In 2023\”

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