Lewis Hamilton Also Started PLAYING ROUGH Like Rival Max Verstappen, Can\’t \’Give An Inch\’ To Each Other

Max Verstappen with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, these two drivers, have added their names to the list of the most brutal rivalry racing pair in the history of Formula One. In the 2021 season, the first such scenario was spotted when Verstappen\’s car went on the top of Hamilton\’s head. Also, about last year\’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, everyone is aware of how Max sealed the trophy that was meant for Lewis. Speaking of their rivalry, a Formula One expert came out to remind us of this year\’s Interlagos case, where once again, the pair ended up crashing.

This year, Mercedes cars were way too below expectations. After the controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, fans were waiting to throb their hearts again. But unfortunately, Lewis Hamilton never reached the nearest to the world champion. Apparently, the W13 was nothing in front of the RB18. Throughout the entire season, Hamilton kept on pushing hard, and still, Max Verstappen was unreachable. However, one may think, how the hell did they resist battles or crashes, being the most rival pair of Formula One at present? It is not possible, right? Yes, it is, in fact, not possible. This year, too, they had a little controversial contact on track which gained the world\’s attention.

Mercedes Red Bull Crash

Max Verstappen Termed As Hyperbolic By F1 Pundit For His Moves In Interlagos

In the Brazilian Grand Prix, Mercedes won their season\’s first and only one-two victory. The race gave a lot of long prevailing stories to Mercedes as well as Red Bull. In Brazil, Red Bull recorded the season\’s worst performance. For the first time in the season, Max Verstappen got the lowest, P6. Tensions were high with the Red Bull drivers as the Silver Arrows were rocking on the track. In a while, when Max saw Hamilton ahead of at second turning in the Sennas Corner, he went inside the Mercedes car. As a result, Red Bull damaged its front wing and got a 5s penalty.

For the intentional contact of Verstappen, Stewards found him fully responsible. They slapped the penalty only on the Dutch driver, and Hamilton was proven innocent. However, these movers of Verstappen are being criticized by several famous personalities. An F1 pundit, Jack Nicholls, recently intended to call Max Verstappen hyperbolic. He also believes that the pair will have a shocking turn. Speaking with BBC Chequered Flag podcast, Jack said, \”Sometimes it feels like a hyperbolic. But, sometimes it feels like Verstappen and also maybe Lewis would rather have a collision than give up on one another.\”

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton

The F1 pundit believes that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton could not resist giving any inch to each other. Like when they will start offering an inch, it will just be a win in the psychological battle! Right? So the struggle will never end, nor will they end up giving up on each other, stated Jack Nicholls.

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