Lewis Hamilton Abstained From The Nominations For The 2022 Driver Of The Year, Don\’t Want To Name Max Verstappen For Anything

Lewis Hamilton-Max Verstappen

2022 was the best career year for the Red Bull ace Max Verstappen. He not only won the driver\’s championship but also gifted Red Bull the constructor\’s win that the team was waiting to put hands on for eight years. The Dutchman held a set of new records with his greatest performance this year. He surpassed Michael Schumacher in terms of making records for most wins in a season. Max won 15 out of 17 wins of Red Bull which broke Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel\’s record, which was 13.

Besides these achievements, he once again succeeded in defeating the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Now, another accolade is waiting for Max Verstappen for his stunning performance this season. He was named the Driver of the Year by his peers on a list. However, Mercedes ace abstained from the voting. There is an annual vote system done in Formula One each season, where the drivers get to pick the top ten drivers of the year. Reportedly, Lewis Hamilton did not participate in the voting to share his views on who is the best driver of the year.


There is also a condition in F1, Anonymity which allows the drivers to hide their names from revealing in public when they vote. The vote for the top driver presents him with 25 points. And, for the rest, the points go the same as Grand Prix. The drivers get the full freedom to even chose themselves for the driver of the year tag. However, according to the F1 official websites, not all the drivers chose to select themselves.

Lewis Hamilton, An Absentee Of The Formula One Events!

This year, Max Verstappen topped ALL the lists. Just behind him came the Ferrari ace, Charles Leclerc. And even though Hamilton abstained from the vote, he got the third position with his teammate George Russell. Lando Norris remained the only driver who did not compete with Red Bull, Ferrari, or Mercedes, losing the podiums in 2022. But, he was voted for the fifth driver of the year by his fellow mates. Fernando Alonso got the sixth position, while Ferrari\’s other driver, Carlos Sainz, got the votes for the seventh position. The surprising results came out when Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen\’s teammate, got the eighth position along with Alex Albon.

Lewis Hamilton

However, according to the reports of Daily Mail, not all the drivers were involved in the vote. And the biggest name emerging is none other than Lewis Hamilton. Apparently, Lewis was the only Formula One driver who was absent from the annual voting system. In the reports, the points received that the drivers received are unclear.

As per the reports, Verstappen got a total of 146 points is clear. Although Hamilton being an absentee is shocking because this is the third event of Formula One that went without the presence of the seven-time world champion. He was also not there at the FIA Prize Giving Gala. Then at the F1 drivers\’ secret Santa event, and now in the voting. No one knows what is wrong with the Briton. Let\’s hope all\’s good!

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