LeBron James Turns 38, Still Desperate To Win More Championships! Desire To Win Burns Brighter Than Ever

LeBron james

The Los Angeles Lakers lost another game yesterday, making them further away from the playoffs spot. The game remained quite one-sided, as the Lakers could not even cross 100 points on the board. Hollywood gave in to the Miami Heat with 98-112 points. Miami won every quarter of the game except the fourth because the result was already in their favor. However, Russell Westbrook gave 15 points performance and LeBron James with his 27 points. But that was not enough because the Heat completely outplayed them.

Miami Heat was equal on their winnings and losings until they played against the Lakers. But after beating the Lakers in a one-sided contest, they now have more wins than losses and a better record in the league. Meanwhile, the Lakers, who are piling up the losses, hang their chance by a thread to play in the postseason. Jimmy Butler became the main man for the Heat as he scored 27 points alongside his teammate Bam Adebayo. On the other hand, only LeBron James scored 20-plus points in a Purple and Gold jersey. As the Lakers continuously fail to make a mark, the questions about aging superstar rise.

Is LeBron James An Aging Victim?

LeBron James

In the same arena where LeBron played the best games of his life in his younger years, he was asked questions about his retirement. The 37-year-old is the best on the Lakers rotation while Anthony Davis rests because of his stress foot fracture. But LeBron James has also lacked the ability to lead his team to wins. However, the Laker superstar did not reply with a specific answer and said he did not have a number. The exact question was how many more seasons he intended to play. The 18-time All-star said, \”I know as long as my mind stays in it\”.

Apart from thrashing records, LeBron James is known for his longevity in his career. There have been barely any athletes that have done anything similar to what LeBron is doing. Even though the former Heat player is 38 today, his numbers are no less than a young player. The four-time champ has done an incredible job of preserving his body. James believes that as long as his mind keeps him up, he will take care of his body to do his best.

James Is A Winner, And Nothing Less Will Satisfy Him

LeBron James

\”I\’m a winner, and I want to win,\” inspirational words from LeBron but more delusional for the current season. The hunger that LeBron James projects to win is mind-blowing, but his team is not on the spectrum as him. Hollywood has crashed like the current economy. It revives a bit but comes crashing down hard.

Apart from winning, LeBron James has another goal to play with his elder son in the NBA. However, according to the league\’s current rules, King James will have to wait until 2024 at least. Meanwhile, the four-time champ could only hope for playoffs qualification. If the Lakers do not qualify, they will rob one more opportunity from LeBron to add the title to his triumphs.

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