LeBron James Surpass GOAT Michael Jordan In This Unachievable Feat! Check This Out

LeBron James Michael Jordan

The Los Angles Lakers have been a treat to watch in the last few games, as they have one of the greatest players of all time on their team. After returning from the injury, LeBron James has been the best on the court, pulling high points for his team. James has even started to take over even when Anthony Davis is unavailable for the team. Despite his age, the 37-year-old is still spectacular in his style of play.

LeBron James Levels With Michael Jordan In an Unachievable Feat

While displaying great features, LeBron James has achieved something he and Michael Jordan have only managed in NBA. In the game against the Washington Wizards, LeBron gave 30 point performance in his third consecutive match. It looks like Michael and LeBron James are the only two players who were the oldest to make this record in the league. This goes on to show how crucial LeBron is to the Lakers in the long term. The last older player to score consecutive 30 points was MJ 20 years ago. Twenty years of time shows how hard it is to score 30 points at the age of 37 in a fast game like basketball.

LeBron James & Michael Jordan

After achieving the feat of being the oldest player to score 30 points consecutively, Akron Hammer will eye for Kareem Abdul Jabbar\’s record. These points will eventually help LeBron James to conquer the top spot for most points scored. The 18-time All-star is only 765 points shy of beating the ultimate record to become the points king in the NBA. In the meantime, James sits with 37,662 points at the second position behind Abdul. If he takes his average into account, it would still take him 29 games to take the throne. It looks like he will break the record this season only.

LeBron Runs The Whole Court To Make A Thunderous Dunk

Talking about athleticism, LeBron James is playing his 20th season in the NBA this season. It is a benchmark on its own that a 37-year-old player is playing the game, but James is on another level. Everyone often keeps talking about how his game is already finished, and he must retire now. But the 4X time champ has no intention of slowing it down. His lightning run against the Denver Nuggets is a clear example of how much game is still left in him.

LeBron James

There is no doubt that LeBron James is not the same force of nature, but he has adapted to the game accordingly. However, King James is not putting in anything less than great numbers due to his decreased athleticism. If James could keep putting up the same results, the Lakers dont look far from a secured playoff spot. And his run across the length of the court is the perfect example of his capabilities.

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