LeBron James & Russell Westbrook Again Unavailable For Tonight Due To Injuries? Will Lakers Win In Their Absence?

LeBron James & Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers are under a great crossfire with better teams in the league, but the injuries are weighing them down. It looks like the Lakers season will not take the top flight that everyone expected. In just one week, the Lakers have come crashing down from consecutive wins to consecutive losses. Since the time Anthony Davis is injured, LA has been a completely different team. Other players have also taken the sideline due to injuries this week which could derail them down the table.

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are the most pricey athletes in the Purple and Gold. And when these superstars miss the game, all the burden comes to the young and average players. And this week has been full of that for the Lakers as James is hurt with his sore left ankle. Even Russell Westbrook has a sore left foot which kept him on the bench in the back-to-back losses. However, the status for Friday\’s game is out, and keep reading to find out.

The Lakers Player Trouble

Russell Westbrook LeBron James- Lakers

The 37-year-old is still struggling to get his best foot on the court as injuries constantly hit him. Although the Akron Hammer is willing to give his all to the team, the final result is still missing. Anthony stepped up to the leadership role when LeBron headed out because of his groin injuries. But more than a leader, the 29-year-old became a driving force that led the team to wins. However, a similar could not be said for the L-Train. Meanwhile, the Laker superstar is still probable for their next clash.

Los Angeles is going to play their next game against the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets and LA are somewhat of the same level but in different conferences. But the days that the Lakers are seeing, anything could be possible. And since the 34-year-old point guard is still probable, the Lakers will have to be careful. Russ brings his electrifying energy when the team needs it, but it\’s not always the case. Either way, Westbrook is an important part of the team until the front office finds his replacement.

Is Skip Bayless Finally Impressed?

LeBron James- Skip Bayless

Various things are happening in the Lakers simultaneously, and people are confused about them. It is obvious when the team\’s best player is performing exceptionally and consistently, but the team is losing. There is not much that LeBron could do in such a case. However, Skip Bayless has shown his appreciation for the 18X All star\’s performance, a rare moment.

Bayless has made quite a reputation as the number one critique of one of the greatest players ever played. And there are barely any moments when he is seen appreciating the big man for his contribution. However, the NBA analyst openly admired James\’ continuous spree of 30-plus points in the last five games. He even said that it was unlike anything he had seen in his life. Bayless even noted that the numbers he is displaying are of a 28-year-old young athlete.

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