LeBron James Reveals Long-Hidden Secret! Struggling With Bronny James


The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James opens up about his fatherhood experiences when his older son Bronny James was born. James had his son early and unexpectedly when he was setting foot in the NBA to achieve greatness in the upcoming year. However, as history rolled out, we all know that James has all the blessings one could expect. But the forward was anxious and scared when he came to know about his son at that time.

James describes the time as testing and uncertain, as he had no idea how things would pan out. James says he was scared, but he kept trying to do the best he could for his son. His bad relationship with his own father also caused him stress and filled him with uncertainties. But unlike his, James learned things with time and grew into the fatherly role. All these details came to light in the beats advertisement, where both father and son collaborated virtually.

LeBron James & Bronny James

Meanwhile, Bronny is following in his father\’s footsteps to become the number 1 baller in the game like LeBron. Even King James has expressed his wish to play alongside his son in the same team. This is another motivator for the 37-year-old to keep playing until they play together. However, the youngster is currently in school and has plenty of college offers in his hands for the future. In the meantime, LeBron James awaits his son to enter the NBA as soon as possible.

LeBron James Close To Playing With His Son

It\’s been a long time since James told everyone that he dreamed of playing alongside his son. However, he did not mention which one he was talking about. LeBron has one elder son Bronny James and a younger son Bryce James. Both the sons have signed a deal with Klutch Sports, which LeBron\’s agent founded along with Rich Paul.

Klutch Sports also represents LeBron James and other NBA and NFL players. Bryce,15, is, however long way from playing professionally with his father, But Brown, who is 18, has entered the NIL space and signed deals with huge companies like Nike and Beats by Dre.

LeBron James and Sons

LeBron\’s wish to play with his elder son could come true if he continues to play till 40. Bronny is not currently eligible to play in the NBA, but he will be in the 2024 draft. Looking at the way LeBron James is heading, he does not show any signs of stopping any time soon. Alongside, Bronny Bryce has also shown incredible potential to make it to the NBA in the future. It looks like James could play with Bronny, but playing with Bryce will be a stretch for even the King.

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