LeBron James Reveals How Anthony Davis\’ Absence Lead Them To Lose Against Cavs


The Los Angeles Lakers are on their highway to producing great results after a downfall start to the season. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are on top of their game to pick the Lakers up from the bottom of the table. In the last few games, the Lakers showed their true potential to the fans. And the fans are in shock as they ruled out the possibility of qualification like the last season. However, now the fans are rooting for the team to go all the way and lift the tile at the end of the season.

Although the season is still young to predict anything of that sort, LA has started to look like a top team in the league. Amid their return, Anthony Davis has been the best player in the Purple and Gold jersey this season. But the 29-year-old did not complete the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers and only played eight minutes. And with Davis missing on the court, the Lakers lost the game 116-102 on the night.

LeBron James Discusses Aspects Of Anthony\’s Game


The propaganda to make Davis the future face of the organization started before the season commenced. AD used to come out in interviews and tell about his mentoring lessons from King James. But his leadership skills have not shined out in the game yet. A plausible explanation that came out from the locker room was that the young center\’s respect for LeBron James stopped him from taking the role. However, the nine-time All-star will have to step up soon if the Lakers wish to advance further in the postseason.

In the post-game interview against the Cavaliers, LeBron told everyone that they missed Davis on the court. According to James, Anthony provides the team with everything from attacking to defense. And in his absence, the team was wide open for the opponents to plunder points. Davis missed the game due to flu-like symptoms. Although he entered the game in the first quarter, Davis could not continue after eight minutes.

Anthony Davis Exited The Game Against the Cavaliers

LeBron James

The Lakers were having a great run even away from home because of Davis\’s thunderous form. But they eventually lost as Anthony Davis exited the Cavaliers game after playing eight minutes. The health of Anthony has been a problem over the years. Since the time the Lakers signed the forward, his injuries have hindered him from playing most games in the season.

In the last two years before the 2022 season began, Anthony Davis only played 50% of the game in two years. If a similar fate continued this season, the Lakers could end up in worst standing than the last year. The Lakers will consider Davis\’s health issue as 15 Dec approaches. An opportunity for the organization to pursue players whose contracts will expire. But Anthony is too good of a player to be traded just like that. Nonetheless, this six-game trip will definitely shed some light on the team\’s requirements.

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