LeBron James Not Playing Against Biggest Foes Celtics After Injury Concerns? Will The Lakers Win Over Boston?

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers have been playing decent in the last few games, but a bad start is weighing them down in the standings. Following the roller coaster ride, the Lakers are going through a rough patch of injuries in the locker room. Earlier, Anthony Davis missed games because of his non-COVID illness, and now LeBron James is on the injury list. There is no doubt that the 37-year-old is not at the same level that he used to be a couple of years ago.

The game on Tuesday could be one of the biggest for the Lakers as Boston Celtics are a top team this year. LA host the hotshot of the Eastern Conference in California for the biggest showdown. But LeBron James can be seen on the sidelines because of his ongoing ankle problem this season. However, the forward is listed as probable, meaning he could be seen in the game after all. James\’s current form will make him a valuable asset on Tuesday.

Lakers vs. Celtics

LeBron James Is Crucial For Big Games

Although Anthony Davis has proved to be more than capable of leading the team, LeBron will always be crucial. The 18-time All-star is averaging 26.2 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 6.3 assists in every game for his team. Even though the numbers are small by LeBron James\’ standards, they are still above average in the NBA. His huge 35 points against the Pistons would have given him immense confidence to reciprocate the same in the Celtics game. Meanwhile, Davis was just behind him with 34 points to take the win on the night.

LeBron James

The Celtics have already played at Crypto Arena once this season to play against the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday. Meanwhile, the Lakers have suffered three consecutive defeats in their six-game road trip. However, if the Lakers superstar Davis and LeBron James could gel together like in the last game Celtics could get a hard time in California. In the previous game, both the stars combined to put 69 points on the board. But the Lakers still struggle with long-range shooting from behind the arc.

Lakers Vs. Celtics Analysis

The Lakers are still not the top team that is consistently performing to qualify for the playoffs this season. However, the moments of hope and glimpses of post-season still appear to be a possibility hanging on a thin thread. The team must perform consistently if the Lakers want to make their case strong for the playoffs. And to talk of the game against the Celtic, LA has all the caliber required to deal with a strong team. But the Lakers have a history of choking against the big team, especially this season. If Anthony and LeBron James did not stand up to the occasion, it could be a rough night for the Lakers.

Laker vs. Celtics

The last year\’s finalists are in no mood to grieve over their loss in the finals against the Golden State Warriors. Nonetheless, they are ready to get back in the game stronger than ever to go all the way through this season. The team currently ranks number 1 in every aspect of the game except the rebounds. Apart from being the best in everything, Boston has the best duo in the league, who are on fire. They are averaging more than 25 points in every game to put their team on top. Meanwhile, the duo of Davis and LeBron James wait for the Celtics to welcome the top team to their home.

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