\”LeBron James Is The Tom Brady Of Basketball\” Fans Praise Lebron James For Showing Amazing Game In Such Age

LeBron James- Tom Brady

LeBron James once again made the headlines today as he bagged another 28 points on Tuesday night to win for his team. The Lakers were high on losing when James decided that its enough of losing. However, the Lakers will have to face Miami Heat and the Hawks to end this year on a celebrating note. Both the team have managed .500 until now, and the Lakers have the potential to disturb their winning ratio. Meanwhile, keep reading what LeBron James and Co. did to win praise from fans and experts.

LeBron James Finally Lead The Team To A Win

The Los Angeles Lakers have finally won their first game without Anthony Davis on the court. LA was struggling since he was gone and lost four consecutive games without him. In the last two weeks, the Lakers appeared to tear apart without the help of nine-time All-star. However, things will look better in the dressing room after seeing their first win before the new year. Although Christmas was ruined, the Lakers fan will thoroughly enjoy the end of this year. But the Lakers are still far from making 2023 a Happy New Year. It looks like LeBron James can still bring glory to Los Angeles.

LeBron James

As usual, LeBron James led his team but remained two points short of his 30-plus monstrous performance. Anyways James did his task to bring their team glory in the absence of their 29-year-old beast. Meanwhile, there are still no confirmed reports on Anthony\’s foot injury. But his replacement Thomas Bryant did a remarkable job on Tuesday, scoring 21 points and ten boards. Although Orlando Magic is not a strong team this season, the Lakers did well. This win will further act as fuel for the next games that the Lakers will play in the upcoming weeks.

James Finally Getting The Respect From The Fans

The fans have highly criticized the Lakers in the past two years because of their poor decisions and performance. There is no doubt that the Lakers\’ front office has shown a stagnant attitude toward decision-making. And fans are furious because of their money-minded decision, which has ruined the Lakers\’ prospects on the court. However, the squad have shown some signs of the most elite performances in some games. But the lack of consistency has led them into the mud with a record of 110-129. As a result, LA sits at the bottom of the table and is on the verge of missing another playoff this year.

LeBron James

Along with the front office\’s decisions, the fans have also criticized the players playing in Purple and Gold. The most condemned remains one of the greatest of all time and is always targeted on his aging athleticism. LeBron James has always been criticized the most but has turned the table since returning from the groin injury. Many experts like Bayless himself, known as the number one critic of Lakers forward, changed their views on King James. Like many, he accepted that James is pushing the limits of his humane abilities. The 37-year-old is playing like he is a 20-year-old boy, and the numbers he is pulling are tremendous.

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