LeBron James Chasing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar\’s Record Because Of The Haters, Says His Former Teammate!

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Ever since joining LA Lakers, LeBron James has been the team\’s main frontline attacker. This year, James stepped into the 20th season of his career, as the second-highest points scorer in NBA history, just behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But this season has been hot and cold for James as he has had his fair share of injury and fitness issues. Meanwhile, the team\’s reliance on LeBron has doubled, with Anthony Davis getting injured. In the midst of this, James\’ former teammate has stated the excess of haters has forced LeBron to chase Kareem\’s record more desperately. 

LeBron James Chasing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar\’s Record Because Of The Haters!

LeBron James is on track to silence his detractors as he approaches an unmatched NBA record. The Los Angeles Lakers icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is getting closer to being supplanted by the four-time NBA champion as the league\’s leading scorer. The public anticipates James to surpass his season average of 27 points per game before the All-Star game. 


LeBron has stated why he wants to surpass Kareem Abdul-record Jabbar\’s as he nears the milestone with the Miami Heat. Dwyane Wade recently alleged that the Lakers star is mostly motivated by his detractors to try to break Kareem\’s Abdul-record. Jabbar\’s This season, LeBron James has made 22 appearances and scored 593 points. Kareem was 1326 points ahead of him when the season began. To become the leading scorer in NBA history, LBJ needs just 732 more points.

LeBron James. And Dwyane James

In a recent interview, Dwyane Wade was asked if he ever believed James would be in contention to surpass Michael Jordan as the NBA\’s all-time top scorer. The MVP of the 2006 Finals stated that he wasn\’t shocked by his old teammate\’s accomplishment. He trusted in LeBron\’s capacity to accomplish incredible things. Furthermore, Wade claimed that most people are unaware that they are living in the LeBron James era.

Wade thinks LeBron wants to hold the record for most points scored in order to disprove his detractors. After James managed to shatter the mark, Wade said that it would be a while before other players could even get close to James.

LeBron James

Wade noted that LeBron James\’ extraordinary success both on and off the court came pretty effortlessly. James would have the chance to do a feat that would not be able to be replicated in the foreseeable future. Wade said that someone else won\’t be able even to come close to what James can be for the next 40 years. But James now has the chance to do so. And it really is fantastic. Meanwhile, as opposed to his haters, hundreds of thousands of James fans want the star to break the record. So that the debate about him being the GOAT is put to an end.  

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