LeBron James\’ Career Finished As Per Fans! But Lakers Star Player Wants To Play Till 45 & Beyond

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers became the home for the four-time NBA champ in 2018. Since then, the Lakers have won the championship once under the four years period of LeBron James. Although the 18-time All-star is showing some signs of slowing, the 37-year-old is still at the pinnacle of his basketball career. Meanwhile, many pundits, experts, and fellow mates take shots at his slowly dying age. But the former Cavs player keeps his head high to break another record that does not has his name on it.

Many fans and experts label him as old as he does not produce his thunderous performance more often. But LeBron James had always stepped up when his team needed him. More often than not, many players retire around his age, but the Akron Hammer wishes to continue a little more. James\’ longevity is due to his incredible knowledge about his body and his effort to maintain it. However, his desire to play for a few more years has made the fans go crazy on the internet.

LeBron James

LeBron James Nearing Towards The End Of His Career

King James has been a top athlete for two decades now. And nobody is superior to him in terms of breaking records and longevity in the modern era. But the 37-year-old has missed a few games due to his ongoing injuries in his ankle and adductors. Despite that, the big man steps up on the court to provide his team with the stability he brings. Even if LeBron James wishes to play till 45, his lingering injuries and body might not allow it. But at the end of the day, he is LeBron James. If anyone could, it is he who could do it.

Dennis Schroder, a Laker alongside LeBron James, told everyone that the small forward wishes to play 5-7 years of basketball more. This means that LeBron could be seen dribbling the ball until he was 45 years old. While many fans got excited at the site of seeing their favorite player play for more years, many were disappointed. Fans showed their anger on the internet, saying that James is old and looks tired most of the time in the game. And many criticized his weak performances during this season after listening to Schroder.

LeBron James & Dennis Schroder

LeBron James is playing his 20th season of the NBA in his long-stretched career, where he has shown why he is the greatest. In 2003 James was the number 1 draft pick. He spent his younger years in Cleveland Cavaliers to reach multiple finals but failed eventually. After Cavs, the L-Train moved to Miami to play for Miami Heat. There the younger James won back-to-back titles to return back to the Cavaliers. After completing another spell in Cleveland, James made his way to the Los Angeles Lakers. LA could be the last organization where he hangs his playing boots to retire from the game.

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