LeBron James Believes Lakers Lack Size & Length As Compared To Other Teams, Emphasises On Russell Westbrook\’s Importance At Lakers

LeBron James & Russell Westbrook

Currently, LeBron James is the main thread to which the destiny of the Los Angeles Lakers is hanging. A few games back, it was Anthony Davis who had the shackles in his hand. However, because of a serious foot injury, the Brow is out of the squad not just for weeks but for months. And now, the weight of carrying the Lakers to the Play-offs is loaded on James\’ shoulders. However, will he be able to pull that off alone? Looks like LeBron James needs some help from the squad to lead the way for them.

Another important aspect of the Lakers squad can be seen in the form of Russell Westbrook. Since his admission to the Lakers in 2021, critics and fans have all eyes on the point guard to witness some magical game from him on the court. Apparently, Russell\’s maiden year at Hollywood did not feature a grand entry. However, this year, after some changes in the positions and strategy, Westbrook is coming off as the sixth man of the squad way better than expected. In almost every Lakers\’ game, the point guard is showing some solid game and breaking age-old records. That is why LeBron James himself feels that he and Russell Westbrook together can lead the Lakers\’ squad.

LeBron James Explains How He & Westbrook Can Become Best Together

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers once again saw the downside of the game on the court after losing to Miami Heat. They led for most of the contest and thrashed the purple & gold with a margin of 14 points. With this, the Lakers are shifting more and more toward the losing side with a 14-21 streak.

Seemingly, this has been happening ever since Anthony Davis left the squad. As a result, almost everyone now believes that the Lakers will face doom once again this year. However, LeBron James has shown some positivity on his side. According to the Akron Hammer, he and Russell Westbrook together can bring out the best in each other and help the team win the remaining games.

After the game, King James discussed the importance of Westbrook’s high-end game in the absence of Davis. He reckoned that everyone has to step up now that AD is sure to be out of the squad. And among all of them, Russell Westbrook\’s contribution will become the key factor for the Lakers\’ success. LeBron James pointed out that Los Angeles Lakers is a team that lacks size and length (in players). That is why he desperately wants Russell to take the big leap than expected and rebound out of his position to help the big man.


As LeBron James stated, \”He’s [Westbrook] always rebounded outside his size and his length. And that is very key for us. When we’re able to get stops and also clean glass and not give up a lot of offensive rebounds.”

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