Lakers Urgently Need To Make Trades To Support Anthony Davis & Squad, Who Is On The Radar?

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers were thought to be in trouble with the roster that they had been working with since the start of this year. Their rotation included a troubled point guard Russell Westbrook, an unhealthy forward who stays out for most games, Anthony Davis. And a 38-year-old forward who shows signs of slowing but not stopping. Every Laker fan, at some point in time, thought about building a new roster altogether. But the front office of the Lakers remained patient either due to lack of choice or lack of suitability. Whatever the reason, the decision to stay quiet has been somewhat fruitful for the Lakers.

After a patch of a bad start to the season where the only streak that the team made was losing one, it\’s a new sky full of opportunity. It all began when LeBron James injured himself in an awkward fall against the Los Angeles Clippers in November. In the absence of King James, Anthony took it upon himself to sail the boat out of strong winds for the Lakers. While doing this, Davis even broke records and made history in the NBA for future players to look up to. Since AD picked up his game, the Lakers have been in awe of building a roster around LeBron and Anthony.

LeBron James & Anthony Davis

What Will Lakers Do As Mid-December Approaches?

Until now, the Lakers have not made up their mind about how the trade will happen. There are many options and packages that run around. But nothing official has come out. However, it looks like the front office will bring a better supporting cast around the star players. The front office will be convinced due to a strong display of performance from the center in the absence of James. And when he returned, they both combined well but lost one point short in the game against the Indiana Pacers.

Meanwhile, there are two potential packages that are available for the Lakers can trade. One involves Russell Westbrook with draft picks on the side. And another one with Kendrick Nunn, Patrick Beverley, and draft picks. It has been clear since the start of the season that Kendrick and Pat are not high-impact players for the Lakers. But Beverley has been a great influence on the players in the locker room as he is known for his intangible benefits to the team. For now, the Lakers will sit patiently, waiting for December 15.

Anthony Davis

Everyone is eyeing Anthony Davis as he is the MVP candidate in the Purple and Gold jersey. But his health has always been a tender concern. And yet again, the 29-year-old succumbed to the illness in the middle of the six-game road trip. Without AD, the team looked helpless in the last quarter of the game against the Cavaliers. Similar visuals could appear if the center does not recover soon to play the rest of the away games. The Lakers will now prepare to play their next match tomorrow against the Toronto Raptors.

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