Lakers Still Struggling To Land A Potential Trade In December, How Will The Roster Look Like?

Lakers VS Nuggets

The Los Angeles Lakers began with a historic record that no one expected from the team. They lost five games consecutively before taking on the first victory of the season. During this period, the team was going through many changes and experimentation. The head coach Darvin Ham took over the Lakers as his first job as a coach in the NBA. Nobody could figure out what the coach wanted out of the team, as they were in the dump no matter what they tried. But soon, everything started coming together.

After going 2-10 in the league, the Lakers potentially woke up to finally take on the league by storm. Everything came together step by step, game by game, but LA lacked time on their hands after a bad start. First, Russell Westbrook\’s adaptation, then Anthony Davis took on a leadership role in the absence of LeBron. But Hollywood still lacks a touch of finesse which a smart trade from the market could add. This is the reason why the Lakers could become title contenders with just a few good trades.


The Lakers Trade Strategy

It has been a while since LA has been eyeing the potential player to upgrade themselves. However, no such player has intrigued the Lakers in depth to go all the way through. So the Lakers\’ front office continues to weigh their options in the market as December 15 approaches. Meanwhile, LeBron\’s decline is finally approaching, and do not have much professional basketball time on his hands. So, the Lakers need to push for the title this year and give their all for his sake.

According to Shams Charania, the Lakers will strengthen their long-range plays with the trades in December. There are a few names that he stressed in his article from the Athletic. Bojan Bogdanovic of Detroit Piston scored a huge 38 points in the last game against LA. The Lakers are eyeing the 33-year-old forward, but the Pistons seem uninterested in the trade. Cam Reddish is also out of the Knicks rotation to find a new place for his game. Reportedly Los Angeles is in a conversation with the Knicks to bring Reddish to LA.

Shams Charania

The Lakers have shown interest, but nothing productive has come off the potential eyeing. Every player that LA wants to acquire is either stuck with some complications or the organization refuses to trade. Nonetheless, if the Lakers dont do anything soon, the chance to enter the playoff will expire quickly. Without shooting, the 2020 champs are as good as fish climbing trees. Hollywood is one of the worst teams, ranked at the bottom in terms of shooting three-pointers. The time is slipping through, and Hollywood is at the mercy of a fine trade to upgrade themselves for the title this season.

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