\”Lakers Should Trade LeBron James,\” Claims Angry NBA Fans

LeBron James

Uncle Ben said, \”with great power comes great responsibility\”. But what he didn\’t say is with a huge fanbase comes reckless fans well. And nobody knows who is better than Los Angles Lakers and LeBron James at the moment. The team has had a rough start to the season, losing more games than they could win. However, just when the Lakers seemed to be gaining swiftness, a shocking defeat against the Indian Pacers derailed their momentum. 

Lakers Fans Want To Trade LeBron James!

On Monday night, the Lakers lost a closely-fought match to the Indiana Pacers by the barest of margins. However, what makes this defeat, so crushing is that up until the fourth quarter, the game wasn\’t even close. Los Angeles Lakers were leading the Pacers with 17 points. But, in the last few minutes of the game, the Pacers came running back from behind and took the game away from the Lakers. It is not surprising that Los Angeles is quite upset with defeat, so much so that there have been chants that the team should let LeBron James go. 

LeBron James

Following the defeat against Indiana, a segment of the team\’s fanbase is running social media campaigns to trade LeBron James. Even though James\’ overall performance in the game was decent, with 21 points, he wasn\’t able to capitalize on the huge lead in the last quarter of the game. The Lakers lost the game in the closing seconds despite LeBron playing the whole fourth quarter. Apparently, the four-time NBA champion provided an unimpressive contribution to the Lakers\’ cause in the fourth quarter, scoring just four points in the box score.

LeBron James has long been the player that every team\’s fan base desires. However, there are now requests for the Lakers to deal with the King since it is becoming clear that they won\’t be able to compete for the foreseeable future. LeBron James, though, is not by any means the Lakers\’ biggest issue. He hasn\’t been performing at his usual level, but demanding a trade seems a little excessive. Before trading any of their marquee players, the Lakers will probably look to strengthen the group surrounding James and Davis.

LeBron James

It seems unlikely that the Lakers will drastically alter their roster in the near future. In James\’ case, he just extended his contract for two more years

at the cost of $97 million. However, if the club is to make a postseason run this season, the team will need to make some less significant changes, according to the squad\’s continuing poor results.

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