Lakers Putting Up Following Trade Packages For December 15 To Upgrade The Squad

Russell Westbrook & Patrick Beverley

It looks like the Los Angeles Lakers have started churning their mills to make accommodations for new signings. The front office of the Lakers made it quite clear that they would wait for the initial 20 games to make a trade. According to the executives, they needed time to evaluate the options available in the market. But the period they asked for is already over, and no changes can be seen. However, According to Jovan Buha, the Lakers are awaiting December 15 to make their move.

In the middle of December, there are a lot of players whose contracts will expire to look for new destinations. As a result, the Lakers also make their own packages for offering and exchanging valuable players. Finally, the long-running trade rumors will end in two weeks. Even fans are feisty to know which player will wear the Purple and Gold after the transfer. But the question that would trouble many is the trade of Russell Westbrook. The 33-year-old has made an incredible comeback to his career.

The Packages That Lakers Are Preparing For The Trade


The reserved point guard can finally say farewell to the organization after staying longer than he was supposed to. The eight-time All-star became the most hated after his flop season last year at the Lakers. His departure has been lurking around even before the season started. And now, goodbye does not look far. The package could include the point guard and two first-round picks of 2027 and 2029. But the decision to trade an in-form point guard can bite back the Lakers in the future.

The second option includes a package of Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nunn with future picks. This is the most reasonable exchange for the Lakers, as both players play the bare minimum for the team. And even have the contract on the verge of expiring. These players could move to make space for a better role player, which would immediately improve Laker\’s shooting problem. If the Lakers do not find a star player for the first option, then the Lakers would want to make this trade happen.

Kendrick Nun

The third option that remains would include trading both packages individually. Rusell with future picks as one whole deal, and Nunn with Beverley and picks as another deal. However, this trade has a downside that could leave the roster unsettled for a long time. The team built synergy with many efforts in the first 20 games, and the new players could ruin the coordination. New players would also hinder the continuity as they will take time to settle into their roles.

Even after sorting out such clean packages, LA could back out of the trading process altogether. It will all depend on how the six games before reaching December 15. For now, the Lakers are slowly getting their groove back. But the next six games are against the best teams in the league. The results from those games will greatly impact the decisions for the trade.

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