Lakers Official Trade Targets To Lead The Squad To Championship Title! Some Of The Names Will Shock You

Lakers front office

The Los Angeles Lakers are going through a tough and desperate time. Most of the players are sidelined, and the most valuable player is getting tested in the team\’s medical facility. Many people have now started to believe that Anthony Davis\’ injury also sidelines the chance of contention. Meanwhile, there are no official sayings from the executives about the future course of action. But there were some hints that the Lakers will make some trade in the market in mid-January.

In the meantime front office can evaluate their team based on their young options and the depth of their bench. Another debate that is also surfacing in the water is whether Thomas Bryant can be the center replacement. However, in the last two games, the Lakers have lost even after Bryant\’s commendable performance. Meanwhile, the team is also under tremendous pressure not to waste LeBron James\’ 20th season. This could be another motivation for the front office to keep the season alive for Hollywood.


Trade Option Available For The Lakers

Reports suggest that the Lakers are looking for the 3-and-D wing for the survival of this season in the NBA. The squad is also very particular about their demands, as they dont wish to lose any of their first-round draft picks. Jae Crowder and Josh Richardson are some of the players the Lakers will aim for.

However, the future assets remain dear to the Lakers because they believe this season is already dead for them. In some senses, it could be, but this is sports, and it\’s not over until it is over, as they say. But the front office believes more in the terms that could improve their business.

So as far as the trades are concerned, the Lakers will be going for the minor trades. There are some of the names that are constantly linked with the team, but nothing official has arrived. All of them have one thing in common: they can all shoot from a distance. And Hollywood has been horrible from outside the 2-point area. LA currently sits at the 27th position in terms of shooting from a distance with a 33.1 percent accuracy rate. With the kind of players that Los Angeles carries, it is truly pathetic for the team.


The top players on the shooters\’ list include Bojan Bod=gdanovic, Evan Fournier, Kyle Kuzma, Buddy Hield, Kyrie Irving, and many more. If the Lakers want to improve the shooting desperately, they would like to add some of the guys from the list. Apart from the shooters, LA also needs a big man to replace Anthony Davis. So there is Myles Turner and Jakob Poeltl, who the Lakers are in conversation with. Some addition to the team could definitely increase the chances of contention this season.

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