Lakers\’ Lebron James Injury Status Still Questionable Against San Antonio Spurs?

The Los Angeles Lakers have rejuvenated in the absence of the 37-year-old LeBron James. It looks like the team seems to have found its rhythm when it needed it the most. This short run of success also relieved James from rushing his return to the rotation giving him a lot of time to recover. Evidently, King James would want his return with a bang on the court. After the rumor of trading LeBron and building around Anthony Davis, King James would be desperate to display his potential.

LeBron James Wants To Play On Friday

After the game on Tuesday, James expressed his wish to play in the game on Friday. Now the 18-time all-star is questionable for the game against the San Antonio Spurs. His confirmed status will soon surface on the internet for the fans to know. Meanwhile, the Lakers\’ head coach Darvin Ham would be figuring out a way for both to shine in the game.

LeBron James in the NBA has now missed five games in a row due to his injury in the left adductor. The Lakers player remains probable until the last minute because of the injury problems in the locker room. In addition to that, Patrick Beverley is also out due to suspension in the last game.

LeBron James

If the Lakers superstar returns to the court, the team will heavily depend on Davis and James to put up bulky points on the board. However, Anthony has shown mediocrity in the presence of his mentor on the court. The major reason for this problem is that both players like to hold more of the ball. And the eight-time All-star hides behind the shadow of the four-time champ as he leads with more ball in his hands. The LeBron James return would make a difference, but the Lakers would need a well-planned strategy.

Patrick Beverley Suspended For His Actions on Friday

In order to defend his teammate from getting stepped, Patrick Beverley shoved the opponents. And it looks like the repercussion of his action is three days without pay in the league. The statement that the NBA released also mentioned that the suspension was based on his past unsportsmanlike behaviors. Pat has been involved in the shoving and pushing business for a long time. And the punishment was due to him for a long time as this was his eighth incident to be fined or suspended.


Although NBA charged Pat Bev with such a harsh punishment, the teammates and fans are quite pleased. Even Russell Westbrook complied with actions displayed by Beverley, who dont go well together. Anthony Davis also seemed to appreciate the shove of Patrick to DeAndre Ayton

. Everyone feels that if the 34-year-old hadn\’t pushed, Ayton would stand on him. He will miss the next game, but the return of LeBron James will be more than a likely substitution for Beverley.

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