Lakers In Urgent Need To Make Trade, But Why Are They Waiting Till 2-4 Weeks?

Lakers front office

The Los Angeles Lakers pulled victory after following the setbacks in the six-game away trip. LA faced the Denver Nuggets last night and won with a huge margin of 126-108 on the night. But even though the Lakers won the game, they are still one of the worst teams in the Western Conference table. If the Lakers wish to play in the playoffs, they will need to align their roster. Although the front office is working towards it, nothing solid has come off yet. And the major question remains whether they will trade their draft picks or not. Keep reading to find out what is delaying the Lakers from making a trade.

Lakers Laid Back Attitude For Trading

It is true that the Lakers have recently turned their days upside down on the court. But still, the team does not look very optimal to play against the top teams in the playoff. However, the front office does not seem to care much, as the sense of emergency is not met with any action. But whatever the case may be, the Lakers will have to figure something out before the trade deadline. And the players whose contracts expired on December 15 are also in the market for the grab.


The Hollywood trade problems did not begin just now. It\’s been over their head even before the season started because of their poor roster construction. Rob Pelinka, the General Manager of the Lakers responsible for making the roster, has been criticized a lot along with his selected players. So, Following and learning from the mistakes in the past, the Lakers would want to make a well-thought decision after all. Even Reports suggest that even though the mid-Dec is gone, the front office will take some time to weigh their options.

LA Front Office Waiting Until The New Year To Make Trade

According to Jovan Buha, LA dont appear to be making any trades until the new year. He also mentioned that the squad has an urgency to make the trade. But there are many hindrances in the process. Buha said LA is \”at the mercy of the trade cycle and the other teams\’ developing motives.\” It looks like, apart from the two-star players of Hollywood, everyone else will be on the market with a price tag. However, it is highly unlikely that their powerhouse Russell Westbrook will say farewell.

Russell Westbrook

As per Shams Charania, Russell\’s highly impacted performances from the bench have made him an important player for the Lakers. And it looks like it is highly unlikely that the fans can see the departure of the reserved point guard. Ever since Westbrook has taken the bench role, he has averaged 15.2 points, 7.9 assists, and 5.8 rebounds. Therefore, the lakers have shifted the focus to Patrick Beverley and Kendric Nunn. The two have not been the most effective for the team.

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