\”Lakers Finally looked like Lakers,\” NBA World Frenzied Over Huge Win Against Bucks, Saw Real Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are finally catching the wind and flowing toward the playoffs. The victory that the Lakers pulled is one of the biggest this season for the Lakers. The return of LeBron was hugely speculated by the fans but turned out alright in the end. Anthony Davis and James are the men to take the Lakers back to the top of the table. With Davis\’s 44, LeBron\’s 28, and Westbrook\’s 15, the team turned the Milwaukee Bucks down. The scoreboard displayed 133-129 for the Lakers to win on the night.

Lakers Vs. Bucks

Skip Bayless Appreciated LeBron James

The Lakers are finally walking the talk. Before hitting the road, Anthony Davis said that the team is confident for the upcoming six games. It looks like AD knew perfectly about the condition of his team. According to Davis, the team needs four wins out of six games to attain a playoff spot. However, five games still remain for them to face on the road before returning to Crypto Arena. Meanwhile, as always, Skip Bayless has something to say about the Lakers. The rarest of the rare moments happened as Skip appreciated LA for their performance against the Bucks.

LeBron James- Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless is famous for the infamous daunting tweets that he posts from his account. His major target in the NBA is none other than King James, who is seen as the greatest player to play the game. However, this time there were words of praise from the NBA analyst but only for the team, not LeBron. He said, \”Despite the shaky finish, great overall performance by the Lakers, who actually resembled contenders.\” Even Bayless believes that the team played like title contenders. However, the title remains a long-shot win over Bucks, which is a good start to December.

Magic Johnson Impressed From Lakers Like Everyone Else

The win over the Bucks has been a shock for many people. Due to their bad start to the season, the Lakers were seen as the bottom feeders. But a win against a top side like the Bucks has changed the perspective of Hollywood. They are finally playing like the heritage that the Purple and Gold jersey hold in its past. One among many spectators of the game was Magic Jhonson himself watching the Lakers groove. His tweet during the game said, \”this team is showing us what they could look like at their full potential\”.

LeBron James & Magic Johnson

While playing the game, LeBron James broke another record on the court. With his 11 assists on the night, he broke Magic Johnson\’s record for most career assists in the NBA. There is no doubt that LeBron is a record-breaking walking machine. Every time he steps on the court, he is either close to a record or has already broken one. Alongside Magic, several NBA legends tweeted about the impressive Lakers\’ win. If the shenanigans continue, the team could even become the title favorites.

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