Lakers Facing Serious TROUBLE In NBA Trade Market, No Player Wants To Join The Sinking Ship


The Los Angeles Lakers are on their toes as only two months remain for the trade season to begin. LA needs depth in their squad to reduce their dependency on their star player a bit. The Lakers also have a shooting problem that has caused them to play games like the last game against the Celtics. Anthony Davis missed the free throws in the clutch moment, which could have settled the game in their favor. Now, in order to become a serious contender, some major trade has to happen to bring a change in the Laker\’s fate.

Although it looks like the Lakers have finally found themselves in the league, there are some missing pieces in the puzzle. If the Lakers could fill these spaces with suitable players, they could be a team to fear in the league. And in order to do that, the Lakers are targeting three forwards that can dig for Hollywood. According to the Lakers Daily, LA is going all in to improve shooting, as they have a lot to improve in that area.

Three Players That The Lakers Think Are Perfect For Them

Lakers shooting

Bojan Bogdanovic is a player that played against the Lakers just a few days ago on LA\’s six-game away trip. He managed to score 38 points on the night, but that is not the only thing that the Lakers are impressed with. Bogdanovic also shoots 50.8 percent overall in the games and 43.7 percent efficiency with three-pointers. The 17-time title winners are also looking for support on the wings, which can be crucial in the second half of the game.

LA turns their head toward the Knicks youngster Evan Fournier and Cam Reddish to strengthen their wings. Although both players are not the best options for the Lakers, they are the only ones available in the market. Acquiring Reddish makes sense for LA, but Fournier looks like a waste of money, as his performance has been declining. Meanwhile, it seems like Hollywood is also looking to trade off Russell Westbrook. But the front office is in no mood to give up their draft picks until an MVP-level player is in the conversation.

Rumor Says the Lakers Have Several Options

Bojan Bogdanovic Vs Lakers

Everyone in the basketball fraternity agrees that the 2020 champs are playing well and could be contenders after making a few moves. The Lakers have won nine out of their last 13 games. Progress is in the right front of everyone, but acquiring suitable players is a hard task for Hollywood. And the latest rumor suggests that LA has many options, including a pair of Chicago Bulls stars and Kyle Kuzma.

As per Eric Pincus, Kuzma does not want to stay with the Washington Wizards. And the Wizards are in no mood to let go of him for free the next summer. It appears that Kyle\’s contract will expire next season, and he will be a free agent. This is where the Lakers could make a move on the free agent and get him without hassle.

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