Lakers Credits Russell Westbrook As The Highlight Against HUGE Win Over Milwaukee Bucks, Got Involved In A FIGHT

Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers are on a roll, starting their first of six games on the road with a bang. LA registered their biggest win of the season against the top Milwaukee Bucks side in their home. Hollywood won the game with 133-129 points to win one of six back-to-back games against the top side. Looks like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook have clearly communicated how the next week will turn out. The whole game remained neck to neck, but one moment in the dying minutes won the game for the Lakers. And that moment involved none other than Russell Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook Giving All To Win It All

The 33-year-old has been under a rigorous spotlight for criticism since the last season. Russell Westbrook arrived in the Lakers team to bring in major winnings last season, but the whole team failed miserably. The start of the 2022 season also hinted at the same gloomy reflection. However, the team looks completely different since Westbrook thrived in the sixth-man role. The team is more dominant, attacking, and scoring more points than at the start of the season. Last night was a perfect example of the new Lakers.

Russell Westbrook

In the dying moment of the game, Russell Westbrook displayed his will to win. The Lakers were defending with three points lead, and Khris Middleton spilled the ball at that moment. Westbrook dived for the ball to keep the ball in play without even a second thought. That moment sealed the victory for the Lakers with just a minute left to play in the fourth quarter. After that, Anthony followed James to combine for the dunk as the game\’s last play. For the head coach, it became a key moment because of the involvement of \’The Big Three\’.

Apart from the team and the head Russell Westbrook was also proud of himself for that horrific moment. After the game, he said winning 50-50 and loose balls are a big part of his game. Commencing a win with a dive leaves the game as one of the best games in the season for the Lakers. Match did not just have the best moment but involvement from the superstars of the Lakers. Finally, the Lakers look to be in sync after crossing the 20-game mark.

Westbrook Got Involved With The Fan During The Game

The conversation between Russell Westbrook and the Bucks fan got heated in the first quarter of the game. This is not the first time that it has happened with the eight-time All-star. It has happened year after year that some fan gets in conversation with Westbrook. He gets heckled for his game, and sometimes, there are even racial comments from the sidelines. The seats on the sidelines are the closest on the court, giving the fans a chance to interact with the athletes.

Russell Westbrook

Something similar happened last night as well. However, the reserved point guard got back to the game. The officials took the fan away, but he regained his seat after a while. In the postmatch, Russell Westbrook did not mention what they talked about. But he said that he would talk to the officials about it. The point guard also pointed out that whatever happens, he always tries to be respectful.

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