Lakers Could Land These Possible Trade Targets, Still Need To Improve Their Shooting


The Los Angeles Lakers enjoyed a good winning spree in the last ten game, but the roster still looks shaky from the outside. Many experts and analysts believe if LA is rooting for the postseason spot, they will need more stability in rotation. But currently, the front office is only eyeing and weighing the perfect option to pick for the team. The recent run of victories might have given the organization the luxury of time to calmly consider its options in the market. However, Zach Lowe, an NBA insider, mentions possible trade that the Lakers can go for.

The Lakers will need a trade or multiple trades in order to make the team more stable for the postseason. In the last game against the Cleveland Cavaliers absence of Anthony Davis caused them the game. And the Brow has a tendency to miss the games due to his injury problems in the past. Apart from injury problems, the team has been the worst 3-point shooter in the league. A shooter could drastically improve the Lakers\’ game by increasing their shots on target.


Zach Lowe And Dave McMenamin Express Choice For Lakers

According to Zach Lowe And Dave McMenamin, LA desperately needs to improve their shooting in the league. However, that aspect of the game does not improve overnight or in a few weeks of practice. The Lakers will have to call outside help to fix the team\’s long-range shooting effort. Some names that both NBA insiders suggest are Kyle Kuzma, PJ Washington, and Bojan Bogdanovich.

Kendrick Nunn

The names came up after considering that the Lakers dont want to compromise their first-round draft picks. Zach and Dave also believe that the squad could easily become the title contenders if the trade goes down according to their wishes. However, the six-game away trip results will play a vital role in making these trade decisions. And without Anthony Davis in the squad, the Lakers appear helpless for the time.

LA Still In The Market

Although the trade deadline is close, expired contract players are on the door knocking. But the Lakers are looking for a super deal rather than picking a small one. If LA does not make up its mind soon, they are going to end up with empty hands for the roster enhancement. However, the talk around the front office is that they would not want to lose their draft pick for small packages.

Russell Westbrook & Anthony Davis

According to NBA guru Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers are relaxed because of how the last ten games have turned out. And it looks like the team could survive the season even if a plausible trade does not happen. Since Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis are back in form, LA is tearing the teams apart in the league. But there lies no backup for these players in the team. Meanwhile, Hollywood will be suiting up for the next away trip to Toronto.

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