\”Lakers \’Big Three\’ Are Back\” Anthony Davis Claims He, LeBron James & Russell Westbrook Are ‘Figuring It Out’

LeBron James & Davis

Fortunately, the Lakers fam has started to gain their confidence back. In recent weeks, the team has finally regained its groove and is successful in clinching the victory one after the other. And last night was nothing different. Once again, the leading trio of the Lakers, LeBron James, Anthony Davis & Russell Westbrook, showed why they are the best team in the season. In the last 10 games the Lakers have played, they scored the win in eight of them, which is a huge success. Looks like the lead is once again in the making. Even AD has also claimed that The Big Three are trying to \’figure things out.\’ But how? Keep reading to find out. 

Anthony Davis Revealed \’The Big Three\’ Are Back

Ever since Russell Westbrook has been traded to the Lakers, fans have been anticipating how the three lead players will work together as a team. However, last year brought no significant results because of various injuries. Although it looks like forming this trio was one of the best decisions Lakers\’ front office had done thus far. Ever since Westbrook took the bench, things have gone only upwards for the purple and the gold. This unexpected idea from coach Darvin Ham brought a significant game change to the roster. 


Not to forget Anthony Davis\’ mind-blowing game, which made sure the success. As a result, the Lakers were able to showcase the best of their team. They even clinched victory against Milwaukee Bucks, who currently stands at the second to the top position of the Eastern conference. Moreover, when asked about the strategy with which the roster is moving forward, AD cleared that the Lakers’ star trio is just figuring things out. Apparently, they are working things out game-by-game by communicating. As per Davis, \”Russ making some great reads, Bron, myself, the rest of the guys so we’re just trying to figure it out and let the outside noise be outside noise.” 

Coach Darvin Ham Praising AD For His In-Form Game

Last night, Anthony Davis once again showcased why he is in one of the biggest teams of the NBA. On Sunday night, the Lakers once again swept a victory under the rug by taking on Washington Wizards by 130-119. In those 130 points, Anthony Davis contributed by 55, his highest of the season and the second-highest score of his career. As a result, not just the fams but the other players of the squad have started quoting him as the MVP of the season


LeBron James, Patrick Beverley, and others claimed that Davis showed pure dominance on the court, just like an MVP-caliber player. Even coach Ham came out to praise the star player of the squad after the game. Apparently, the head coach is happy with AD\’s health. Initially, Davis suffered for a while with his back. However, looks like The Brow has functioned to make things work in his favor. \”I think he\’s feeling great, his body is feeling great. And you can just see it in his face, as well as see it in his play,\” claimed coach Ham.

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