Jayson Tatum Revealed How Boston Celtics Won Over Los Angeles Lakers In Overtime

Lakers vs Celtics

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their game against the Celtics in Boston Celtics with 122-118 last night. The Celtics were already on a losing streak, but Jayson Tatum took it upon themselves to change that in Crypto Arena. His MVP-level performance led his team to victory in the overtime of the game. If the Lakers had managed a win, it would have been the first three consecutive losses for the Celtics. However, the Celtics brought their A game in the dying moments of the game.

Meanwhile, the Big Three of the Lakers did everything possible to snatch the game from the table toppers. But the leaders of the Eastern Conference had it written in the stars to steal the game from the Lakers at the last moment. Anthony Davis brought another monstrous performance scoring 37 points on the night. But Jayson stepped up to shut the Lakers fan and scored an unbelievable 44 points to keep Davis in check. Even LeBron\’s 34 points went down the drain after losing the game.

Lakers vs. Celtics

Jayson Tatum Gets Lectured From The Coach

In the game against the Lakers last night, Tatum got some words of encouragement from their head coach Joe Mazzulla. Motivation from the coach helped him push a little further to make the shot that took the Celtics to overtime. After the game, the forward was asked about what his coach said. He told everyone that the coach said that Jayson played like shit and if it continues rest of the team will follow the main man. So in order to set good examples, he has to play well every night.

The Celtics had to be really lucky to win the game, as the Lakers were slowly closing in to diminish the Celtic\’s lead. The Lakers even crossed the Boston side and had an advantage of 13 points in the game\’s last quarter. With 28.2 seconds left to play on the clock, Davis missed two consecutive throws that gave C\’s a clear chance to level the score. This leads the game to overtime, which oversees the Lakers to the loss of 122-118 on the night. Tatum became the main man, rising to the occasions when his team needed him.


After the game, Tatum explained how his practice of shooting from the midline helped him easily level the score with the Lakers. He also mentioned that he did not want to settle and call a timeout but push and put pressure on the Lakers. Which eventually paid off as Tatum did not settle on the court and kept looking for space. Even Hollywood gave their all in the second half of the game. At one moment, LA had an incredible run of 45 to 12 points in the game to shut their opponents completely. In the end, Davis could not control his nerve to make free throws to settle the contest.

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