Is Russell Westbrook Back In Lakers\’ Top 5 Line Up? Coach Darvin Ham Experimenting To Get Back In The Game


Everyone had a merry Christmas except the Los Angeles Lakes at Crypto Arena. With the loss against the Dallas Mavericks, the Lakers have lost four consecutive defeats before the new year. Like all games this season, LA gave away the game in the third quarter, although they played well in the beginning. They even kept Luka Doncic quiet in the early periods of the game. However, the lack of holding ability caused them the game. Undoubtedly, the Lakers are on a struggling run without Anthony Davis in the lineup.

Amid the injury struggles in the locker room, head coach Darvin Ham is challenged to create a five-player roster. Building a team in such a pressured environment is definitely a difficult task. However, the Lakers fans are aware of his experimental approach to the game. And in these difficult times, a daring coach is required to try different things and find out what sticks. Following the desperate time, Darvin took a desperate decision to play a five-guard lineup. In the post-game interview, he explained why he decided to make such a bold move. Keep reading to hear his thoughts on the Christmas lineup.

Darvin Ham

Even Ham Is Paranoid After Davis\’s Injury

There is no doubt that the Lakers will have to do a lot of work if they want to fill the gap Davis left. However, Ham is trying to do it by following different strategies with the players that he is. If the Lakers want real change, they will have to bring in new players that they have been delaying. And to accommodate his strategy, LeBron started the game from the bench. Their starting five included Lonnie Walker, Austin Reeves, Russell Westbrook, Dennis Schroder, and Patrick Beverley.

Anthony Davis left a huge hole to fill when he got injured and left the time hanging in the middle of the season. The Lakers were already struggling to book their spot in the playoffs after a terrible last season. But the Lakers\’ head coach went completely bonkers when he decided to play all guards on Christmas. And going through this decision made him the target of various questions in the post-game interview. He told everyone they would have to try everything and realize what would work for them.

The Lakers Are Struggling Badly


There is no denying that a team that completely depends on one player will go spineless after that player walks out. The Lakers have become spineless in their mission to make the season a success and a comeback for the last year. And the first time, the head coach is trying everything to rectify things in the team. In the post-game interview, he told everyone they could not cry about their situation. They are pros who must work on finding solutions, and the five-guard line was an attempt to find one.

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