Undoubtedly, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is dominating this year’s f1 championship with a major lead. He is successively winning races one after other and is 98 points ahead of his Ferrari rival Charles Leclerc. Last weekend, the Dutch driver swept off all the way from P14 to the first position and won the Belgian Grand Prix. However, a recent comment from the Red Bull driver created more than a buzz all across the internet. But what did Verstappen really say? Keep reading to find out.

Fans Going Crazy Over Max Verstappen’s “I’m Still a Virgin” Comment 

Red Bull Racing recently uploaded a video on their official Twitter handle. In that, Max Verstappen is seen reacting to his old clip. In the video clip, he kicked back the football to his owner and stated, “I wanted to hit you in the balls!! But…” So, explaining the situation at that time, Max Verstappen commented, “I was 18, innocent, a virgin. I’m still a virgin.” This might be in the context of his behavior or the racing. However, the audience has clearly taken it otherwise and flooded the internet with full of comments.

On the video, one fan commented that “virgin? c’mon u fu***d the whole grid in Spa!” Another Verstappen fan pointed out that “Max is still a virgin because he never loses.”

Red Bull To Shower More Problems For Ferrari

The upcoming race of the 2022 F1 World Championship calendar is the Dutch GP, which will take place at Zandvoort. And it looks like more hurdles are coming up for the front-runner Ferrari and Mercedes as well. This is because it is Max Verstappen’s home turf, and he is in the lead with his much superior RB18 as compared to the Ferrari. Recently, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz also revealed that at the Belgian GP, Verstappen was on some other level. And seems like the Red Bull driver will continue to show his amazing skills in the Dutch GP as well.


On the other hand, Ferrari is still lagging behind Red Bull because of their strategies. It looked like Charles Leclerc was playing both the roles of the driver and the engineer at Spa. This is because the team was looking for him to make the calls on pit stops. All this happened after the Scuderia sent the Monegasque driver out in Q3 with the wrong set of tyres. Therefore, Ferrari really needs to do something with their strategies if they still desire to see themselves as the frontrunners.