\”I\’ll Adapt In Making Contact With Him\” Lewis Hamilton Will TARGET Max Verstappen From Next Season Onwards

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has got 7 world titles; now, what\’s more there for him in F1? 7-time-world champion is the record set by the GOAT, Michael Schumacher, and Lewis already reached there, all he wants now to do is get back the lost victory of the 2021 championship where he was about to break his own record by clinching his eighth championship. Max Verstappen stole the 2021 F1 driver\’s campaign and slapped Hamilton with a target to get it back.

In 2022, Lewis Hamilton indeed came with hopes of winning. But unfortunately, the Mercedes F1 car went against him. Under the new regulations implemented by FIA, Red Bull mastered adjusting to them, while Mercedes failed to accept them and made a very incapable W13 in front of the strongest RB18.

The old battling pair, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton did not develop intense crashes this year. Hamilton stayed out of reach to the Dutchman, to be precise. But, in Brazil, when the Mercedes got blessed with their pace back, it happened. Max and Lew\’s crash happened, igniting the battles they had for so long.


However, this time, Hamilton got his luck, as the W13 remained undamaged in the Brazilian Grand Prix, but the RB18 lost its front wings. Stewards declared that Max Verstappen intentionally went inside the Mercedes car. Thus, they crashed, for which Verstappen even got a 5s penalty. In Sao Paulo, the Mercedes cars were not running, it was flying. George Russell just won the race by never letting anyone dare to come near. And Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, came forward by beating everyone who came in between him and the gap.

\”Would Not Hold Breath,\” Says Lewis Hamilton About Max Verstappen\’s Upcoming Attacks In 2023

In the second turning of the Senna S corner in Interlagos, Max Verstappen was struggling with the safety car restart, and he saw Hamilton, his ENEMY, in front. Thinking of nothing else, he just went through him and tried to pass. But failed as the seven-time world champion was unbeaten there. As a result, team Mercedes who never won in the season, made the first victory of the season with pride of one-two.

After the race was over, Lewis Hamilton was asked to share his views on what happened on the track between him and his fierce rival, Max Verstappen. Hamilton very non-shockingly said, \”You know it is just Max\’s thing. What can I say? During the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton admitted that he always wanted to avoid contact in intense scenarios. But Max seemingly tries not to.


The seven-time world champion has told his fans not to worry about more collisions because he will always choose peace. But, yes, when others will come, \”I would not hold your breath.\” Talking to Sky Sports, Hamilton suggested that Max Verstappen targets him because of his achievements.

However, it is not a bad thing because he also Hamilton used to do that when he first came into the sport. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton has passed a winless and poleless season, and this is not a Hamilton thing. So for next year, just hold your breath because Hamilton is ready to get back his title that was lost in the battle of the 2021 F1 season.

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