If you are religiously following this year’s F1 championship, then you must be aware of how Red Bull is dominating all the remaining outfits like a King. Their lead driver, Max Verstappen, is sitting atop the driver’s standing. The following driver in the championship is also a Red Bull driver, who is also killing the races and gaining points one after the other. Apparently, there is a gigantic 93 points gap between both the Red Bull drivers. So clearly, Verstappen is already sitting in the chariot to win this year’s title and take home the trophy.

But the question that arises here is, how is the 24-year-old driver able to beat the veteran drivers with many more years of experience than him? What is the reason for Max Verstappen’s immense success? If you are also curious to find the answer to this question, keep reading to find out.

Max Verstappen: Secret Behind Huge Conquest & Title Win

The Red Bull driver’s journey, by far, is much more than commendable. He is holding the biggest ever title lead of 98 points over rival Charles Leclerc. In the last race at Spa Francorchamps, Max Verstappen surpassed almost all the drivers and achieved the first position from 14th in bare minimum time. Now, the Dutch driver is all set to take over his home race at Zandvoort, which he also won last year.

Red Bull

Now, Max Verstappen has finally reached above the rookie driver class and transformed into a complete F1 driver. And only a very few drivers have achieved this feat in the fraternity. According to Sky Sports’ Karun Chandhok, “There’s seemingly no weakness now, which is ominous for the opposition, not just this year but in the future too.”

Apparently, the son of F1 driver Jos Verstappen was determined to join and slay the fraternity since his karting days. People who had seen younger Max working on himself and his skills knew that the racer would achieve some big feats in the foreseeable future. And this turned into reality when in his maiden season, Max Verstappen became the youngest driver ever to win a race in 2017. Sky Sport’s Martin Bundle even compared him with the greats like Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Sienna. According to him, Max always had an old head on young shoulders, which can be seen with a lot of the greats. This shows his wisdom and skill set way behind his years and experience.

Verstappen Is On Another Lever, In a League Of His Own

After the recent Belgian Grand Prix, many prominent people and even F1 drivers have claimed that Max Verstappen was in full swing. The way he surpassed the drivers to achieve the first position and maintain it as well was something extraordinary. Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, who achieved the third podium position at Spa, also mentioned Red Bull’s amazing performance. According to him, the Red Bull team was in a league of its own. The two drivers were running ahead of all the remaining ones with great margins, which was basically complex to beat.

Max Verstappen

Elsewhere, Red Bull boss Christian Horner also explained why Max Verstappen is able to achieve such big feats. According to the manager, Verstappen is comfortable in his own skin and with the team. Not just that, the Dutchman trusts and relies on the outfit, and his love for racing are far beyond anyone. Horner also revealed that the Red Bull driver does not crave fame or attention. On the contrary, Verstappen is a very shy and private guy. However, when it comes to racing in F1, Max Verstappen can bear all the situations to win the championship title.