Recently, a rumor is emerging that last year’s Formula One World Champion, Max Verstappen, might have to return the title due to the allegations. The last year’s winning team, Red Bull, has been accused of breaching the budget cap rules along with Aston Martin. However, they have voiced that nothing wrong has been done from their side and that they are waiting for FIA’s verdict. As fans already know, Lewis Hamilton lost the championship to the Dutch driver in the Abu Dhabi GP. But can rule violation by Red Bull lead the 2021 winning title to the seven-time world champion? Keep reading to find out.

Will Lewis Hamilton Will Ultimately Become The Eight-Time World Champion

This year Max Verstappen is already on the threshold of winning his second world championship title. But, after being accused of breaking the F1 cost cap rule, Red Bull would have to undergo the penalty if the accusations turn out to be true. One of the penalties includes exclusion from the championship. For which Hamilton’s fans are hoping to strip the Red Bull driver’s world championship title. And that will make Lewis Hamilton the Eight-Time Formula One World Champion, a feat no other driver has achieved so far.


According to Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull exceeded the budget of $145 million by $5 million in 2021. However, Red Bull seems confident about not breaking any rules of F1. Their chief, Christian Horner, believes this investigation stage is just a speculation process.

However, according to FIA, there should not be further discussion from the governing body before any final result comes out. Meanwhile, commenting on this situation, Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff claims the cause of Red Bull’s budget breach to be the car’s heavyweight issues. He added that Mercedes have reused some parts and restructured its process more than a million times just to be below the cost cap.

The penalty for breaking F1 budget rules includes potential points deductions OR, Losing the championship title. If this happens, the 25-year-old World champion will have to give up his title to the Briton. And, with this, Lewis Hamilton will become the GOAT! The Mercedes driver will be called the ultimate winner of his eighth world championship. But, at present, fans should not get too excited. The ongoing news could just be a rumor, and the FIA report is still unclear.

Verstappen & Hamilton

Besides, the F1 rulebook says only more than 5% of the breach in the cost cap budget leads to the exclusion of the championship, which would not be the case here with Max Verstappen. Even if Red Bull has exceeded the budget, the expenditure is not that major. So, the penalty might include some fine or maybe some points deduction.

For the rest, fans should wait until the FIA reports come. They have to wait to see if Lewis Hamilton is lucky enough to get back his winning streak. Or if Verstappen remains the winner of the 2021 F1 world championship GP. Whatever happens, we’ll update you. So stay tuned with