Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly one of the most successful Formula One drivers of all time. In his 17-year career, the Briton has won seven-world championship titles. He shares this incredible feat with the legend driver Michael Schumacher. However, since the beginning, Hamilton has stated that he aims to become the only F1 driver with the most wins. Fans were all set to witness this milestone last year in Abu Dhabi. However, situations swirled, and Max Verstappen secured his maiden championship win last year. 

The rivalry from both sides had been sparked many times. Some comparisons have also been made between the two. However, Lewis Hamilton claimed that things would’ve been totally different and more intense if Hamilton & Verstappen were of the same age. What more the Mercedes driver had to say about his arch nemesis? Keep reading to find out. 

Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen Would’ve Had More Fierce Rivalry, If? 

The year 2021 was full of clashes and heat moments among the outfits. But Mercedes & Red Bull were on the edge of taking each other to the bottom. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen also headed many times on and off the track. One of those instances was the 2021 Italian GP, where the two protagonists had been battling wheel-to-wheel through the first chicane. However, when Verstappen tried to hold his line around the outside, he was launched in the air over a kerb and went over the top of Hamilton’s car.

Meanwhile, back in 2021, in an interview with Desus & Mero on Showtime, the Mercedes pointed out an important aspect of his rivalry with Max Verstappen. He reckoned that things would’ve been more heated and intense between the two if the duo was of the same age. However, the 11-year-age difference forces the seven-time world champion to behave maturely and take the high road. The Mercedes driver pointed out, “Well look I’m 36, and he’s 25, I’ve got to set an example. Not if he was 36, then things would have been different.”

The Silver Arrows Driver Wants Equal Cars In F1 

Although this year, the scenario turned around pretty different than expected. Max Verstappen is now almost the 2022 World Formula One Champion. And Lewis Hamilton is not even close to that. However, the Briton does not find it disheartening that Max Verstappen is now in power in F1. On the contrary, he wants to make a comeback to the competition as soon as anybody thinks.

However, for him to achieve that, Lewis Hamilton is asking for a different approach. As the racing driver mentioned, the other sports test the athlete’s pure ability. However, Formula One motorsport is different as the car’s performance plays a pivotal role in one’s success. As Hamilton stated, “However, this is not the case in F1. It is much more about the performance of the car and the whole team you are in.” However, determining the car’s caliber and the driver’s performance to run that F1 car is all Formula One is about.